Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ramen Girl Moment: Wabi-Sabi

I’ve been dying to go to The Collective ever since I found out about this costume heaven store called Skitzo. I still remember how much I begged and begged my mom to accompany me to go to The Collective to try on some wigs and costumes (a big fan of Halloween here) but it was always postponed, cancelled, and eventually, forgotten.

Food Trip! October 1, 2011. First stop MOA, second stop, The Collective. Yes, The Collective, the place I have been dying to visit since last year. Finally, I can try on some wigs (that story will be on another blog though). 
I’ve read about this cute noodle place called Wabi-Sabi from so many blogs and the quaint interiors and good reviews made it very interesting to me that I just have to suggest it to my food loving friends.
They agreed! Okay, the organizer did! Yey!

October 1 was a gloomy day thanks to a typhoon that made things worse for some provinces. But it did not change our minds to check Wabi-Sabi.

I didn’t know that The Collective was a super cute, artsy-fartsy place. It was like a playground. If I brought my sister with me, we must have spent hours posing on every little thing we consider cute.
Anyway, back to Wabi-Sabi…

It was like a small ramen place. It had this relaxed feel (perhaps the lights has something to do with it) that makes it a good hanging out place (well, the chairs were a bit uncomfortable).
Since it was a noodle house and there were three of us, we decided to order all three noodles—Shoyu Ramen (PHP105), Viet Phó (PHP95) and Miso Ramen (PHP110). As for drinks, we ordered Thai Milk Tea (PHP45), Ginger Beer (PHP70), and Guava Juice (PHP70).

We noticed the wall filled with photos of people eating ramen. Quirky names “Ramen Padilla” and “Fernando Pho Jr.” sure made the wall very interesting. We asked the servers how we could have our photos included.
He said that we need to order at least 5 bowls and that the owner has to be around. Oh well~

Soon, our drinks arrived. I loved the Ginger Beer’s container. It was screaming… cute. Is it just me or everything in The Collective looks cute to me?
My drink looks normal. It tasted like guava—soda version. It was quite good actually but I find it a bit expensive.

I guess my other friend liked his milk tea as he finished it without any qualms.

As for the noodles, the Shoyu Ramen has this sweet taste that reminded me of miso. It was a bit sweet and salty. Quite interesting.

When I tasted mine--the Miso Ramen (yes, I tasted someone else’s noodles before tasting mine), the taste was quite similar though the taste was a bit stronger. In fact, aside from miso flavor, it had this nutty taste.
The bean sprouts added crunch to the noodles making it delightful. However, after finishing half, I grew tired of it. I guess I had to eat it faster to avoid slurping soggy noodles. I like my noodles a bit hard and chewy.

The Viet Phó on the other hand had this light citrusy taste. It definitely had this distinct Vietnamese smell and taste. If you are not really into sweet or salty noodles, this is your best bet as it was (as mentioned) citrusy, a bit minty, and spicy at the same time. Simply put, refreshing.

If ever I crave for noodles, I might drop by Wabi-Sabi again and hope that the owner is there to take my photo. :)
Meet the Ramen Girls and Boy:


Wab-Sabi is located at 7274 Malugay St. Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City.


  1. i love noodles!! gotta try this one out.

  2. I noticed. :) Do them all. If you prefer something refreshing, order the Viet Pho. But the Miso Ramen's quite good too. :)


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