Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Schizophrenic’s Wonderland

I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts that I have always wanted to visit The Collective because of one particular store… Skitzo. Close to the term schizophrenia, this store will surely make you relive your fantasies (and I’m talking about wholesome fantasies here, okay?).
It was not hard to spot Skitzo. With its window display of Snow White’s outfit, you’d easily spot the costume heaven. 

I’d say that it was rather magical. True, there are a lot of costumes in toy stores and other kiddie stores but those definitely do not fit me (even if I try to go on a diet for a decade!). Thus, a lot of adults, or kids at heart, flock to this cutesy store to be the character they have always dreamed of. (When I was there, there was a guy around his mid-thirties who tried on a Batman outfit. It was… very interesting.)

Since Halloween is fast approaching, I looked for sinister-looking costumes. I do not like those cute Alice in Wonderland or sexy bunny/nurse costumes (and it was not just because I look ridiculous in it), I want a scary killer outfit… something that will make kids cry (or scream—yes, scream would be nice). Mwahahahaha.
Find the bloody shovel :)
I spotted a shovel with blood on it. It was charming in a creepy way. The best part was that it was only PHP195. But it was also way too short for me. Tsk.
Then I spotted the cute glasses featured in K-Zone (yes, I am one proud reader of the magazine). I just have to buy it. It was just PHP245 anyway.
Guess which pair of glasses I fell in love with. Clue: It's not there!
It was love. 
Presenting... the COOLEST GLASSES EVER!
I hesitated to buy some costumes though since I will not be spending Halloween in Manila. I just hope that the costumes in the US are far better (and affordable).

Nonetheless, I will visit Skitzo again and buy that pink afro. It was less than PHP500!!!

Skitzo is located at The Collective, Malugay St., Makati City.


  1. Hahaha the pink afro(AFBF) would look good on you but it wouldn't scare children probably smile/laugh. :)

  2. Well, I prefer smile. Hey, there are really scary clowns.

  3. There are. You can be both, scary to children and funny + a bit scary to adults. :)

  4. The snow white costume is good, but I like experimenting more on food costumes . :D

  5. Oh my, the costumes are adorable!!! I must buy one during my trip! :)


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