Sunday, October 9, 2011

Headquarters of Everything Delicious: Chefs' Quarter

I have been eying Chefs’ Quarter for quite a while now. Every time I plan to dine there, something happens. But this time, it’s a different story…
It was my dad’s birthday yesterday and he was craving for steak. *Light bulb moment* I suggested Chefs’ Quarter and he agreed.

The place looked pretty cozy. 

We noticed that there was a function room. Since no one reserved it, we opted to dine there (as we do not like having people pass by us all the time).

The menu had a lot of mouthwatering dishes (or perhaps I was extremely famished as I only had one measly bar of Rice Crispies for breakfast). As a salmon lover, I ordered Grilled Salmon Tranche (PHP420) and the Soup of the Day (PHP105) to calm down my grumbling tummy.
My sister on the other hand ordered Baked Three Cheese Lasagna Bolognese (PHP230, Solo; PHP395, Sharing). The birthday celebrant ordered American Kobe Top Blade Steak (PHP450, Solo; PHP750, Sharing). And of course, a meal won’t be complete without desserts. We ordered Choco Gooey Fudge (PHP150) and Mango Brazo (PHP70/slice). 
The Soup of the Day was Cream of Lettuce and it was indeed creamy. The soup was quite light and a really good appetizer. It was served with cone shaped bread which was pinched to death by my dad and sister.
The main dishes arrived at the same time. I liked it this way. No one had to wait for the others to get their orders while staring and salivating at the dishes that arrived first. 
The American Kobe Top Blade Steak was cooked just the way we like it… medium well done. The meat was cooked but still tender and quite juicy. The bordelaise sauce made it even better.
As for the Baked Three Cheese Lasagna Bolognese, it was flavorful. It was meaty and definitely cheesy. In fact, the solo serving was pretty generous. If you’re a light eater like my sister, two could share it. 
My dish Grilled Salmon Tranche was delightful. It was topped with wasabi mayo which was not spicy at all. It was actually quite sweet. The chopped and seasoned tomatoes added texture and crunch to the meal and soon, I ran out of tomatoes (I love tomatoes!).
Now for the desserts...
My sister was excited to try the Choco Gooey Fudge as she could picture the flowing chocolates and soft chiffon cake. But it was actually chilled. Still very chocolatey but it was not the pudding type. I guess we misunderstood the word “gooey”. Nonetheless, chocolate lovers would like this one.
The Mango Brazo on the other hand was indeed yummy. It was similar to the typical Brazo de Mercedes but this one is definitely better. It was soft yet had a bit of tangy taste because of the mango. It was a good contrast with the sweet fluffy whites of the dessert. Plus the cold cream made it very refreshing.
I’d definitely order Grilled Salmon Tranche again on my next visit.
Chefs’ Quarter is located at 3F SM Megamall Atrium, Mandaluyong City.


  1. The salmon does look tasty, is the green sauce on the plate wasabi too?

  2. Yes. It's really good. A must order. :) Try the Mango Brazo too. :)


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