Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kyoto in L.A.

We have finally landed and are hungry for… well just about anything edible actually. Good thing that our family friend brought us to an eat-all-you can place here at Glendale.
Kyoto. It was definitely screaming Asian. The place was packed and we had to wait for 20 minutes for us to be seated. Well, that was a good sign for it meant that the place is popular and the food’s good. 
Right across a peaceful lane.
There were Japanese, Chinese and American dishes. The desserts area looked good too.
My first stop was the Japanese section (for obvious reasons) and I got several maki and sushi (mostly salmon) and clam chowder (at the soup area).
The sushi and maki were all good. They used the right rice and the seafood used were all fresh. The clam chowder was creamy yet very light. A very good appetizer. 
With the help of the Raspberry Iced Tea, I managed to finish my plate in a few minutes and now off to the other stations. My next plate was seafood overload! I had lobsters and mussels. Yummy!!!
Still hungry from the flight, I checked the American and Chinese stations. Not really craving for Chinese food, I took some crab legs, more salmon (sashimi this time), and baked salmon. (Around this time, I was already starting to feel full. I made sure though to leave space so that I could drop by the desserts area before leaving.)
The crab meat was really juicy. It kept on squirting liquids when we crack the shells. The salmon sashimi was a bit tough though. It wasn’t the type that was fun to eat. As for the baked salmon, it was really good. It was buttery yet not the type that will make you squint due to too much oil.
Now for desserts!!!
I took lots of strawberries, ice cream, cream puff, and two pieces of cake (that I wasn’t able to try anymore). The strawberries were fresh but a tad sour. The ice cream though was quite good. Not Haagen Daaz good but relatively okay for it was creamy and quite tasty.
Free cake if it's your birthday!
It was quite interesting that this place didn’t make me feel like I left Manila. It seemed that I was just in some random place in Makati swamped with Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Nonetheless, this place serves good food.


  1. Love your dessert plate hahaha. :)

  2. I still prefer Cafe Ilang Ilang though. :|

  3. ohhh, I have to try that next time. :) (I trust your taste in food)


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