Monday, August 29, 2011

Restaurant Discovery: Asagao

I used to frequent Pearl Plaza for lunch or early dinner during my college days and I missed it so much (and more so when my colleagues and I had lunch there a few months ago).
So many things changed. I noticed that there are new restaurants around thus I asked my mom to have our early dinner there instead of the usual mall-based restaurants.
I really missed Pearl Plaza. It used to be my third home (UA&P as my second).
We checked around and we were stuck between Adobo Republic and Asagao. Since my mom was not in the mood for adobo (well, I was not sure if they serve other dishes), we went to Asagao.
The place had very simple interior… not intimidating making it very welcoming to students.
After 30 seconds of the servers’ non-movement, we realized that we had to approach the counter to order. Well, there was a small sign near the counter as well. I guess we got spoiled with the other restaurants.
We ordered Beef Teppan (PHP215), California Maki (PHP125), and Salmon Sashimi (PHP210).
First dish that arrived was the California Maki.
Well, it was the typical California Maki. The thing I liked about it though was that it used Japanese rice and not the usual that was cooked with too much water.
Next served was the Salmon Sashimi.
At first, I thought that the salmon was not fresh because the color was a bit different from those I’ve tried before. But I was proven wrong after taking a bite. It was sliced a bit thick but it was still the soft salmon that almost melts in your mouth sashimi love. For PHP210, it was a steal!
As for the Beef Teppan, it was average.
The beef was tender but it seemed to be a bit too oily and salty (I guess it should be eaten with rice). Also, the vegetables were a bit too hard. I wasn’t so sure if the vegetables were meant to be served a bit raw. It added some crunch though.
The place offers pretty good Japanese food at student-friendly prices. Not bad at all.
Asagao by Kamirori is located at Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City.

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