Monday, August 22, 2011

My First Bite: Khas Food House

For some reason, I love UP… okay, to be more specific, I love the food stalls and restaurants in UP.
Last August 14, 2011, a few CSers (that’s Couchsurfers for short) and I went to UP for a food trip. I arrived late as I got confused with the word OBLE. I thought that was a person or something. I guess I got it mixed up with OPLE. Anyway, OBLE is short for oblation.
We walked all throughout the food trip thinking that we will be pigging out the whole afternoon.
We first saw Myrna’s sorbetes (dirty ice cream—well, it is not really dirty it was called so because it is considered street food). Oh well, we can’t be picky eaters. So what if we start the food trip with dessert first?
I was so surprised that they offer AVOCADO flavor. Isn’t it a bit expensive? Anyway, I just have to try it.
For PHP25, the serving was very generous (unlike the overpriced sorbetes I had in Makati. PHP50 for a tiny serving!) The avocado flavor was not a disappointment at all. To describe it better, it tasted like Arce Dairy. The avocado taste wasn’t overpowering. It actually went well with the cheese flavored ice cream.
But what I wanted to share in detail was my Khas Food House dining experience.
It is an Indian restaurant in UP near where the foreign students stay. I was so surprised when I saw that they offer TAPSILOG.
It took us a while to order as most of the dishes we wanted were not available at that time. I finally decided on ordering Llon Dam Mong (PHP70) and Ox Brain Sandwich (PHP65) since I never tried ox brain ever before. One of my friends ordered “It’s Not What You Think” which made us curious. It intrigued us even more when the server told us that the chef will just improvise on what he will include in the “still unknown” dish. In short, you’ll end up with something you may or may not like.
Finally, our orders arrived. First served was my Llon Dam Mong. It really did taste like sinigang (sour Filipino soup normally served with pork, beef, or shrimps). It had bits of chicken, shrimps, and vegetables. Good but not great.
Now for the Ox Brain Sandwich…
It tasted like chicken curry for me. Well, I could see that what I was eating looked like a brain… but for some reason, it tasted like chicken. Weird… but it seems that most dishes taste like chicken. It was quite good. A light meal perfect as an afternoon snack.
If you’re curious on what my friend got… it was soup that tasted like tinola (yet another Filipino dish served with chicken and ginger). It was definitely something she did not expect.

Food was really affordable and decent. I can't wait to visit the others namely ROC, Lutong Bahay, LKB (Lutong Kapitbahay), and more!

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  1. wow! haven't tried that before...looks interesting though...when I was still a student there some 18 years ago :)...i loved eating at rodic's for their trademark tapsi..can still taste it even up to now...i also loved the fishballs sold in front of my college, MassComm. :)


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