Monday, August 22, 2011

Rock. Pepper. Chili's.

It has been a long while since I last had dinner at Chili’s. I still remember that they get kiddie crews every summer. Cute little kids will take our orders and assist the servers bring the food to us with innocent smiles on their faces.
With weary feet (and wallets) from the Rockwell Bazaar, my mom, sister and I decided to call it a night and head back to the mall to have (a late) dinner. I wanted to eat at a new restaurant but my mom wanted to eat at Chili’s and I just could not resist their oh-so-good-made-from-real-potatoes fries. Okay, technically, Chili’s is not a new restaurant to me so the best I could do is order something I haven’t tried from Chili’s before.

Since I was still full from my cup of taho (I have this weird addiction to silken tofu with syrup and small tapioca), I decided to order something I could share with my mom.  My sister on the other hand was pretty easy to please. As long as the restaurant offers chicken fingers, she’s happy.
We then ordered Triple Play (PHP485) and Chicken Crispers (PHP300). I also ordered Chili’s Soup of the Day (PHP150, cup) and Molten Chocolate Cake (PHP390) for dessert.
Despite having a lot of customers, the service was very fast. We got our soup in less than 5 minutes. It was Seafood Chowder.
It was served with a small pack of crackers. It was creamy and not that heavy unlike other chowders. The serving though was quite small. I managed to finish it in less than 2 minutes.
Next served was Chicken Crispers… (FRIES!!!)
It was nothing special. It was your typical chicken fingers. It wasn’t very crispy. It even reminded me of camaron rebusado. K The fries though were really good. Real potatoes!!! (Okay, fine, it wasn’t that special as a lot of restaurants serve that too.)
The Triple Play was good for two people. My mom asked the server to separate the sauce for the buffalo wings as we were informed that it was spicy. Well, it was bland without the sauce. It was your typical deep-fried chicken. The Southwestern Eggrolls on the other hand had a very strong onion taste that I don't like. It somehow reminded me of the soft taco I had from another restaurant. I only ate half of a roll. There were also Chicken Crispers in the plate. (Wrong move there.)
Finally, dessert… Molten Chocolate Cake.
First thing we noticed was the generous serving of ice cream. The chocolate syrup froze already and we had a hard time cracking it. After several taps and pokes, the hardened syrup finally gave up. YEY! 
The ice cream, syrup, and chocolate cake were… okay. It was not as rich and velvety as Cyma’s though which disappointed me. The price made me expect more from it.
There was this one dish that I really wanted to try but didn’t order. I will definitely try that when I visit Chili's again.
Chili's is located at Level P1, Powerplant Mall, Makati City


  1. Recently When I see those kinds of food(fried food with fries), it makes me crave for ketchup. Even the triple play looks good with ketchup hahaha. The Molten Chocolate Cake looks really good though. Haven't really tried Cyma or Chili's Choc cake. Have you tried Max Brenner's choc souffle, I hear its really good.

  2. Marvin, while reading your comment, I thought that you also wanted ketchup on the Molten Chocolate Cake. I haven't tried Max Brenner's yet. Must try that soon.

  3. Hahaha, I'm not that adventurous. Yup I will also try it someday. Some say that customer service there isn't that good but that was a long time ago, not sure if its still true.

  4. Service in Rockwell was good. We had Raffy as our server.


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