Saturday, August 20, 2011


It sometimes frightens me how easy it is for most people to say, “I’m a blogger.” True, anyone can become a blogger. All you have to do is go to any site that offers free blog services such as blogspot and ta-da, you now have your own blog where you can write absolutely ANYTHING.
However, only a few can say “I’m a credible blogger” or “I’m a responsible blogger” without having their noses grow an inch or two. It saddens me whenever I read blogs that have incorrect information, messed up mechanics or stolen content.
Since I try to be sensitive on this matter, I will not disclose any of the blog sites but I would like to share how irresponsible some bloggers could be.
First, there was a site that promoted the Philippines; Manila to be exact. Hey, there’s nothing wrong about promoting the country. In fact, it was pretty noble of the “blogger” to do so. But if the topic PLACES TO GO TO IN MANILA included places such as Taal Volcano and Clark, then there must be something wrong.
This “blogger” failed to realize that his or her site can be accessed by ALL and by ALL I meant everyone with access to the internet… yes including foreigners interested to visit MANILA… and perhaps even Taal and Clark (without knowing that these places are not in Manila).
There were also issues of some bloggers getting content such as write-ups and photos from sites or fellow bloggers. Well, there is nothing wrong with using another person’s photo IF and only if that person allows you to do so (and acknowledging him or her as the owner). Reposting content though seemed to be a different matter as blogging is about sharing your own thoughts. If you use another person’s experiences or thoughts, I am not sure if such act is still considered blogging.
Carelessness. I find it very upsetting that there are some bloggers who would just write about anything to get “hits” to attract more advertisers and get money.
I read another blog that was promoting this bazaar. As a bazaar fanatic, I got interested and read how to win as the heading was screaming PRIZES. Upon clicking… I got a severe headache. I couldn’t understand what the “blogger” was talking about. Every sentence was poorly constructed… truly beyond repair! The mechanics even seemed to be a riddle without an answer. The “blogger” mentioned, “1 online winner + 3 + 1 raffle winners.” Yes, he or she said 1 raffle winners! And 3 what? Three friends of the online winner? I just don’t get it.
I guess some “bloggers” got so excited to sharing the latest news they heard but it doesn’t hurt to read the entry again before clicking the POST button.
Please save us readers from headaches, heartaches, and yes, disappointment.
I am not saying that I am a great blogger. I couldn’t even confidently say that I am a blogger as I am still new to this and my entries were not as much and as exciting as the entries of established bloggers. But I try to be careful and make sure that what I post are true, acknowledged or are 100% mine.


  1. well said ML..well said. for one thing i have to say..."having a camera doesn't immediately make you a blogger" some "bloggers" can be pretty irresponsible they fail to understand that their blog is open to the public and it takes a certain level of responsibility to be able to give the correct information AT ALL TIMES. tsk tsk.. keep it up ML you're doing fine as a blogger and i truly enjoy reading your entries ;)

  2. Now that is something to say is ALL TRUE. Anyone can be a blogger. I know a few who claims who he/she to be. There was even some bloggers who doesn't actually have a blog site.

    I assume there is also a syndicate or group of bloggers who destroy other blogger's credential. Amazing how things got out of hand. But you are definitely in the right track about being careful.

    Really like what you do because its a dedication and not for the hype. Best endeavors.


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