Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aloha from Technohub???

It was one rainy day when we decided to have a picnic. No, we did not plan the picnic because it was raining. The image we had in mind was one sunny or at least cloudy day where we get to share homemade meals (okay, my share was not exactly homemade—JUNK FOOD). Anyway, to cut things short, we got stuck in a quaint cafĂ© instead until lunch time. 

Since our brains were telling us to have lunch even when we were not really in the mood for a heavy lunch because we had cake and munched on the packed meals our friends prepared, we still went out and explored Technohub and there we saw this new-looking store named Hawaii’s North Shore.
The restaurant offered burgers, fries, and other comfort food such as fish and chips and chicken wings.
Since I was full, I ordered Spam Musubi (PHP60) that looked like Spam sushi, Phat Fries (PHP60), and large Pineapple Iced Tea (PHP70) for that Hawaiian feel. Yes, I was not hungry... really.

When my order arrived, I was surprised that the Spam Musubi was just… one. I saw a display of it with two Spam Musubis so I assumed that I will be getting two. Oh well. 

It was caramelized Spam on sticky rice. (I think I do not need to share more details about this since it was just sweet Spam.) A bit hard to eat though since it was rather big for one big bite but too messy if you cut it into pieces. 

The Phat Fries was your typical greasy yet oh-so-good fries. It was served hot though wasn’t very crispy.
As for the Pineapple Iced Tea… well, I think I will eventually get used to it. I didn’t really like it since my mind was telling me that something was wrong. (Brain: Hey, this does not taste like lemon! Where’s the lemony taste?!? I want the lemony taste!!!)

What I loved about the restaurant was that it was full of surprises... sweet and just plain surprising...
Get a FREE ice cream every time you spend PHP180. I got one since I spent PHP190.
Photo Op with the crew... we felt like celebrities.
Hawaii’s North Shore is located at UP Ayala Land TechnoHub, Commonwealth Ave. Brgy. UP Campus Diliman Quezon City

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