Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goodie Goodles!

For some reason, I always remember Oodles whenever I hear Goodles. It was only last month when I realized that the two food establishments are not the same. 
Cute wall!
Anyway, the first thing I noticed in Goodles was their cute way of packaging their food. Unlike other stores that put its pasta on a plate, Goodles serves its pasta on a bowl container. Also, just like coffee shops, they write your name on the bowl. 
As a newbie, I asked the server what the bestsellers were and she recommended Creamy Sausage and Mushroom (PHP145). Creamy Sausage and Mushroom it is.
While waiting, the server gave us some garlic bread to munch on. It was super good… or maybe we were just so hungry that everything will taste good.

When the pasta arrived, we were not very hungry thus we had the will power to take pictures first before digging in.
My pasta was indeed creamy but it was a bit bland for me. I guess I was too used to the 1:1 pasta and parmesan cheese ratio. I looooove parmesan cheese. 

There was just minor booboos in their service. First was that they failed to give me my drink. I ordered for regular cola and they told me that I didn’t order any thus I had to present my receipt to them. It was weird though because it was already jotted down in my bowl (is cup a more appropriate term?).

I also noticed that they spelled my name wrong. Since people hardly get my name right, I just mention my first (of three) name. The server was very passionate to write (I guess) that she added an extra R creating a new meaning to my name. (This was not the first time though. I experienced the same thing in a tea shop. Is this a sign? Nah!) The more I look at it, I think they spelled it NARRY. At least it was not LARRY.
I can’t wait to try the other dishes. I really wanted to try the pesto but I had another event to attend to that day that I had to avoid dishes that can potentially get stuck between my teeth.

Hmm… maybe I should try it this Saturday. :)

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  1. i like their tuna pasta & goodles classic! too bad their branch is far from me


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