Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Four-Course Meal Made For Four

I got an invite to attend the launch of Samsung’s latest line of air conditioners (let’s welcome Boracay and Maldives in our own homes) which was held at the posh Marriott Hotel. I was surprised that for a 5PM event, the waiting area in front of the ballroom was already filled with people. Some of them were from the provinces… all eager to know more about the latest innovations of the popular Korean electronics brand. Who says that one cannot have health, comfort, and savings at the same time? Clue? Virus Doctor.
Thanks to Samsung, we now have more options to choose from. But the cherry on top of the night was the great dinner they served. Let me enumerate what we ate and had difficulty burning throughout the night.
For appetizer, we had Seared Yellow Fin Tuna Nicoise with capers, red onion, black olives, and saffron aioli. Yes, I am a bit clueless to what the last one was. But it was good. I loved the tangy taste of the dressing. The tuna is also soft and fresh. I just find it to have too much pepper. But aside from that, I would have asked for another plate given the chance.
Next served was Lobster Bisque. This soup is drool worthy (okay, it might have been the least appetizing description). The soup was creamy. I find it a bit thick though and it made my throat itch. *Water Alert!* I think that this dish is best served with bread since the soup was a bit salty.
On to the main course, *tada!* Grilled Australian Ribeye with grilled tiger prawns, asparagus, potato dauphinoise and truffle sauce. The meat was tender and the potato dauphinoise was a good alternative to the typical mashed potato. Unfortunately, I finished the first two dishes and I was a bit too full when this was served. I managed to take a bite of everything though. The asparagus was steamed and it made the taste of the meat stand out. Same goes for the grilled tiger prawns. It was a bit bland and I think they did this to highlight the ribeye’s flavor.

Finally, dessert… Cappuccino Caramel Cheesecake with Mulberry Compote. I find the small chocolate chip a short trip to chocolate heaven. That thin sheet of dark chocolate was dessert nirvana.  I am so in love with dark chocolate. *Ahem* Moving on. The sour taste of the strawberry complemented the sweet taste of the caramel. How I wish I saved more space for this delectable dessert.

Verdict: I will go back for more salad and desserts. Probably steak as well but I have to bring someone with me.

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