Sunday, March 20, 2011

Expired Products for Sale?!?

We love Japanese food and we looooove Japanese products thus when I saw Choco Crisps in a Japanese restaurant/store, I was thrilled. Well, to make the story short, I didn’t buy it because I find it overpriced at P245. Is it because it is in Powerplant? (Clue!!!)
Anyway, I decided to check the other products hoping for it to be “reasonably” priced. I was about to jump for joy when I saw Nissin Cup Noodles (the original one in Styrofoam containers) priced at P66. It is P95 in supermarkets and P92 in S&R so I thought that it was a pretty good deal.
But before buying food products, I often check the expiry date just to be sure and to my surprise, the cup noodles were already expired. Below was the flow of my conversation with the sales person in charge:
Me: Hey, the cup noodles are already expired!
Sales lady: That’s why it’s on sale.
Me: Don’t you think this is actually dangerous??? (Not to mention illegal?)
Sales lady: We checked with the manufacturer and they said that it’s still okay for consumption.
My question now is, what is the purpose of “BEST BEFORE DATE” then if it is actually flexible? I know that there is a rule that stores need to pull out near expiry products days before it actually expire because some consumers still do not have the habit of reading the expiry date. THERE IS THE POTENTIAL RISK OF FOOD POISONING. I do not find this okay at all. To my disappointment, I wasn’t even able to take a picture as “evidence”. I really loved the restaurant and now, I am not so sure if I want to go back. Since they openly sell EXPIRED products, there is a possibility that they use expired ingredients in the kitchen since “it’s okay”.   
Friends, please make sure that you read the expiry date before purchasing. Yes, there are some very enticing deals here and there but also remember that there could be a “catch” on why it is being offered as such.

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