Thursday, March 3, 2011


My dad treated me to Fish & Co. as gift #1 for my birthday. It turned out that there was no gift #2. Good thing I chose Fish & Co.. At least I get to order my favorite salmon dish. UNFORTUNATELY, they ran out of salmon… and on my birthday. It seemed as if having my SIM card busted on my birthday is not enough.

Anyway, I decided to order Shrimps and Chicken Breast Al Pesto since it is a new item in the menu. I am a sucker of new items thus the reason why I buy new arrivals during sale.

Going back to my Shrimps and Chicken Breast Al Pesto, it was not a total disappointment though it did not level up to my one and only salmon. *sniff* 
Shrimps and Chicken Al Pesto

The shrimps and chicken were a bit too grilled that it became too dry. It was a good thing that they serve sauces such as cream and garlic to improve the texture of the dishes. 

The pasta though was good. It was creamy. It made me unsure if they intentionally grill the chicken and shrimps too much to compliment the creamy pasta. Well, I still didn’t like my shrimps and chicken too grilled.
Next time though, I will stick to my salmon dish.

Ambiance is quite cozy and homey (there’s TV). But the dishes are a bit… okay, are expensive. BUT, the nice thing about Fish & Co. is that you will leave the restaurant with a FULL and HAPPY tummy. :)

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