Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mystery Solved: Rebecca's Room

I get so excited every time I meet someone game to try Mystery Manila.  My first experience was fun and I didn’t mind being a third wheel at all. The second time around wasn’t as fun though when we tried Sinister Sensorium as I was one of the blind players. (The blind don’t get to do much and I didn’t even know that the game was over!) But things were about to change when we tried Rebecca’s Room.
I just could not contain my excitement when I read the reviews about Rebecca’s Room. It is like being in a horror movie. (Exciting!!!)
I realized though that the mystery was not a joke when “Sherlock”, our game master asked if any of us have heart problems. (Then again, I thought that he was just trying to scare us.)
So we did the drill… read an article to have a background of the mystery and be briefed on what to do inside.

When we got inside, several furniture pieces were covered in white cloth. I had fun making a mess until… WHAT THE ****!!!  (I won’t tell you what I saw!)

A  few minutes later, the lights were turned off so we relied on the flashlight that I found and the cellphone R discovered.

The cool thing in this room is that it’s quite techie. We could talk to the “spirit” through the cellphone. (No, we were not textmates.)

We had a hard time with a few locks though which are important to solve the mystery and open something else. (I had the same issue with Justice for Jamila.)
I’ll stop here now before I share more than what I should. My point though is that YOU HAVE TO TRY REBECCA’S ROOM.
It’s also a perfect date activity. ;) #winggirl 
Thank you, Mystery Manila for the fun day! I LOVE IT! <3
Mystery Manila’s Rebecca’s Room is located at 2nd Floor, G.A. Yupangco Building, Jupiter St. and Gil Puyat Avenue corner Reposo St., Barangay Bel Air, Makati City. Visit www.mysterymanila.com to reserve.  

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