Sunday, March 6, 2011

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It has been a while since I last watched a play. Thus when my friend invited me to watch RENT, I immediately said yes. What made it even more attractive was that tickets were on 50% discount. J
The venue (Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza) of the play was a bit small and I like it that way since it made it more intimate to some extent. Getting good seats (row C) also helped.
At first I was clueless to what the play was about since I did not bother checking the synopsis or whatnot. All I know was that Rent is a well-loved play and that I have no plans of missing it. AND I WAS SO SURPRISED. I would have never thought that the play is not suitable for children. I guess I was so used to watching fairy tale themed plays. 
The first thing I noticed on stage was the POLE. I was wondering if it was part of the structure or if it was meant to be a dance pole. It was the latter. There were amazing performances from the Job Bautista who performed as Angel and Ciara Sotto as Mimi Marquez. It was also their performances (You Okay Honey? and Light my candle) that made me realize that this play is not child appropriate.
There were some scenes that I find hard to watch everyone since there were so many things happening. But I guess that makes it even more interesting and dynamic. I love the busy before Christmas market scene. For some reason, it convinced me that it was really snowing.
The performance of Carla Guevara-Laforteza (who played as Maureen) was really good and entertaining especially when she did Over the Moon and asked everyone to say moo~ with her “Moooooo. Moon. Get it?” It was really hilarious.
But the best part for me was when Angel died. As he was climbing the stairs following the light while his friends Mark, Roger, Mimi, and most especially Tom Collins were saying their last words for their dear friend, I had goosebumps. It was a very touching scene and I felt the sadness of the characters. It would have been nice though if they managed to make sure that the upper stage do not creak since Angel was supposed to be a soul seeking for the light.
Overall, the cast was really good. I overheard that some were theater newbies but I did not notice that at all. Good job the cast, Robbie Guevarra (stage director), Jojo Malferrari (musical director for band), Only Torres (musical director for vocals), Charles Stephen Thompson, Francis Matheu and Mara Andres (choreographers), Martin Esteva (lighting designer), Chuck Ledesma (sound designer), and Bek Soriano (costume stylist) for staging this great performance.
I will definitely look forward for the next play of 9 Works Theatrical. J

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