Friday, February 19, 2016

First Bite: Ippon Yari

A month seems incomplete without a trip to Tagaytay. It is our little sweet haven from the chaotic Manila life. After all, lazing around R’s rest house always sounds like the perfect weekend getaway plan. A few weeks back, R suggested that we check some outlets on our way back and have lunch around the area. I quickly checked looloo for suggestions and Ippon Yari caught my attention with its high rating. Plus, it is said to be the “place to be” for Japanese expatriates who work around the area.

Hello, Ippon Yari.
The place is easy to spot as it is located on the second floor of the Piazza building right across the outlet compound near Adidas. There were only a few diners when we got there as it was already a bit past 1 pm then.  

We were quickly assisted to our table and handed menu. The place has an extensive menu ranging from sushi and sashimi, rice bowls, and tempura to sukiyaki, ramen and teppanyaki dishes. R and I opted to get Salmon Sashimi (PHP220), Unadon (PHP520), Ebi Tempura and Salmon Sushi. (Sorry, I failed to take note of the prices of the last two dishes.)
We asked the server if the chef could have our salmon sushi torched so that we could enjoy salmon aburi. But when the server’s face turned blank and confused, I already knew that we won’t have salmon aburi. And true enough, upon checking with the chef, they can’t serve it. *sad*

First served were our salmon dishes and… the color looked weird. And true enough, texture was also off. It was slightly chewy and not exactly the texture you get from fresh cuts. R regretted not cancelling the salmon sushi.
Unadon, which came with a bowl of miso soup, was served next and it was quite good. Soft eel and delightful teriyaki sauce on top of Japanese rice, what’s not to love? 
Well, perhaps the small serving of eel for PHP520.
Last served was ebi tempura and it was pretty good. It’s not very oily and it was served crunchy. Shrimp used though was very thin and rather small.
Overall, it was a so-so lunch. I was confused how it managed to get high ratings so I decided to read through some reviews. Apparently, the place is known for its ramen and not the dishes we ordered. No wonder. But given that there are so many other options around the area, I don’t think I’ll visit this place anytime soon.  

Ippon Yari is located at 2nd Floor, Piazza Building, Santa Rosa Estate, Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road, Don Jose, Laguna. Contact them at (049) 502 0333 for inquiries. Store is open from 11 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 11 pm. 

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