Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lunch for little sumo

After my sister’s graduation, we had no fixed plans on where to go to celebrate. I wanted to go to SM because I needed to buy some things for my hermit crabs while my sister wanted to go to Shangri-La. In the end, we ended up at Powerplant, Rockwell. We celebrated my sister’s transition from a kid to a lady at Sumo Sam since the other restaurants were packed that day.
As usual, I ordered Salmon Sashimi and dalandan shake. I think I am starting to look like a salmon. (Remember Loopy of Nickelodeon?) My sister on the other hand ordered her usual Chicken Teriyaki and Japanese fried rice while California Maki and Beef Yakitori for my mom. My dad was missing in action because he was sick. L
My order arrived first (obviously).  The salmon was very fresh and oh-so-soft. It was salmon heaven! If salmon is super cheap, I will order 10 plates of it! As for the dalandan, it was SUPER SWEET. I didn’t like it at all for it didn’t quench my thirst. I had to put 2 glasses of water to dilute the shake but I still failed.

My sister’s chicken teriyaki is okay. It is not something worth raving but it was pretty decent. Quite the ordinary chicken teriyaki you get from good Japanese restaurants. Let me emphasize it again… GOOD Japanese restaurants. This is to avoid getting confused with those restaurants pretending to be Japanese restaurants but serve questionable dishes.
My mom’s beef yakitori was good. It was a cheaper version of beef teppanyaki but the taste is almost the same. I didn’t like the California Maki. It has a weird after taste. I had a hard time eating it. >.<
For dessert, we had dulce de leche. It tasted like Vargas’ Brazo Bomb but its texture was harder and the whip cream was not as good as Vargas’. Nonetheless it was still a good dessert. Just make sure that you have a glass of water with you.

Verdict: Good food, reasonable prices, prompt service + free crepe if it's your birthday! I will definitely go back for more of its sashimi!

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