Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Black and White Café between Scouts

As an official Ortigas girl, I hardly explore Quezon City unless needed. Thus when we got an invite to go to Romulo Café for a real estate launch, we got lost. I noticed that the place is not very accessible to those who do not have their own cars. Located at the corner of Sct. Tuason and Sct. Dr. Lazcano streets, it is a labyrinth if you do not know your way around Quezon City.
After a few calls by our driver, we finally found the predominantly black and white café. It was no wonder that we didn’t notice the façade… the signage was small and the name was like a signature.
While waiting for the big bosses and Kuya Kim, the company’s endorser (àHINT), we munched on what Romulo Café called Pinoy Nachos. The nacho chips were thin slices of camote topped with tomatoes, onions and cheese (which tasted like Cheez Whiz). I was hesitant at first because camote and cheese combo is not my ideal snack. But my first bite was followed by another and another until I ate almost half of what’s on the plate (note that I was with other people). The camote does not have a strong taste but it still has that hint of sweet potato and the cheese, tomatoes and onions gave it a richer flavor.
Next served was the Smoked Bangus Pate with Pandesal Chips (topped with Hollandaise sauce). The Smoked Bangus Pate is a bit too oily and salty for me. I guess I need more pandesal chips for this dish. Nonetheless, it was very interesting. I would have appreciated the dish better if someone explained to us what we were eating. But since this is not an eating event, I understand why there were no descriptions or whatnot.
Last served was the Penne Carbonara with (grounded) Vigan Longganisa. We were too full already when this was served. (For some reason, we were so thirsty that day. I had 4 glasses of iced tea and to top it all off, we came from a presentation where we had stuffed crust pizza for lunch.) After getting tired of staring at Kuya Kim and taking stalkerish pictures of him,  we decided to “attack” the pasta. The cream though has already settled and became rather lumpy. Also, I find the pasta a bit too creamy and oily. Not sure if I will order this again if ever I get the chance to visit this place.
The Linguini with Puttanesca Sauce and Spicy Tuyo intrigues me though. Maybe another visit won’t hurt.

The place is quite cozy and homey (probably because the structure looks like a home than a restaurant or café). The prices are also quite affordable. With P500, you could buy pasta, drink, and dessert, plus a generous tip to your server. :)

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