Monday, October 17, 2016

First Bite: Raging Bull

I was so curious about Raging Bull ever since A mentioned it during our lunch at Canton Road. As a steak lover, I just have to pay the restaurant a visit. And two weeks later, I finally did. Thanks to Zomato!

Hello, Raging Bull
Just like its Chinese restaurant neighbour, the facade of this restaurant is fancy with its touches of dark browns and gold. 
The interiors of the dining area is equally elegant with its dark finishes. I could imagine the cast of The Godfather dining here. 
I was a tad late for lunch and Raging Bull’s bartender was already mixing some drinks for us to try when I got to the place. 
We first sampled Bonifacio Penicillin, a lovely cocktail that had a bit of gingery taste. 
Its name is a play of words with Raging Bull being located in Bonifacio Global City and that this drink works like medicine in terms of getting rid of stress.  But what impressed me was the branded ice. The bartender used some sort of stamp to emboss the Raging Bull logo on the huge block of ice. 
We also munched on some crisp bacon and beef jerky while waiting for everyone to arrive. We were told that this glass of meat is one of Raging Bull’s bestselling bar chows. Though I have not tried any of the other bar chows to compare, I really liked this one. The bacon was very crisp and the beef jerky was not the saucy and messy type. I also liked its light taste as to not overpower the drinks. A also shared that Raging Bull patrons visit the posh restaurant mostly because of its extensive drink list (they make their own whiskeys!) and steak come in secondary. Well, as foodies, we were more excited with the meats!
As soon as most of us have arrived, we were guided to the long table closest the the window panels and were served some Raging Bull welcome bread which is yet to be named. I vote for Basket of Horns. (Okay, maybe that sucks.)
Next served was the Caesar Salad (PHP395) which is a lovely mix of Romaine lettuce, anchovies, pancetta crisp parmesan and bacon. It was a bowl of different textures and flavors. The refreshing taste of crisp greens was beautifully complemented by the salty fish, crunchy bacon and tangy parmesan. It was supposed to have a 63 degree free range egg but I think I missed that one. 
The Maryland Crab Cake (PHP475) was served right after it was pretty good too. The crunchy cake was generously stuffed with crab meat and I enjoyed the contrast of flavors between the well-loved crustacean and charred orange. It was also refreshing for me as I never had crab cakes at a steakhouse before.
While waiting for the steaks, we were treated with more cocktails such as Mama Mia and Maple Bacon
I tried Mama Mia which is a cocktail and it was pretty good. It had a slight coconut-y taste that reminded me of piƱa colada. The quaint wooden mug seemed a bit out of place as it doesn’t exude the same feel as Raging Bull’s interiors but I guess it’s a way of bringing out the fun side of the drink. 
Soon, we were asked to choose our steak knives. 
I was impressed with this one as Raging Bull has a lot of fancy steak knives with most, if not all, designed by reputable designers like Philippe Starck.  
I chose one of the bigger knives with thicker handles for a more comfortable grip.
The sides were served next and all look so mouthwatering! We were given salads, pumpkin and asparagus topped with cheese as side dishes.
A couple of minutes later, our table was graced by various salts, sauces and… three types of steak—Wagyu (PHP3,400, 350g), Rib Eye (PHP3,100, 350g)  and Tenderloin(PHP1,650, 200g).
I sampled some of the sauces and salts with my meat and I particularly liked the porcini mushroom salt and truffled mushroom sauce. But in order to fully appreciate the taste of the steaks, it is best to stick with salt. 
I loved rib eye best as it was the most flavorful. It didn’t even need any seasoning, dip or sauce to enjoy this piece of protein. Wagyu  on the other hand was the softest and the tenderloin was your usual steak. I’d definitely stick with rib eye! 
Too bad I missed the desserts but I heard that the sweet treats were really sweet which I am no longer fond of. I guess I’ll stick with steaks then. 
Raging Bull is located at 3rd floor, Shangri-la at the Fort, 30th Street corner 5th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. 

Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar - Shangri-La at the Fort Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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