Tuesday, August 7, 2018

New Love: La Petite Fromagerie's Camem-Beer Spread

I am crazy in love with La Petite Fromagerie. It has brought out a whole different level of cheese craving after a taste of its Truffle Cream Cheese spread. It was the best cheese product I've had and I couldn't help myself spazz about it pretty much with everyone. And when this cheese dreamland announced its new product, I drooled for days.

Hello again, La Petite Fromagerie.
I badly wanted to try its Camem-Beer (PHP550/jar)  spread ever since it was released a few months back. However, with a fridge half full with spreads and jams, I'm sure that someone's not going to like the idea of me buying another one. 
But thanks to my lucky stars and food gods, K, the lady behind La Petite Fromagerie offered me a jar to try. And I couldn't say no to that!
A bit more liquid and chunkier compared to my favorite truffle cream cheese spread, Camem-beer, as its name implies, has defined taste of Camembert and beer. 
Each mouthful would give you this nice earthy, buttery, nutty and fruity flavor and aftertaste of hops. And for some reason, it reminds me of Mexican food. (Apparently, they add cumin in the mix giving it that familiar taste we associate with Mexican cuisine.)
Though I still prefer Truffle Cream Cheese over Camem-Beer, I wouldn't mind finishing another jar of this and try it with grilled meats for a change. 

Curious? Order your own jar of Camem-Beer from La Petite Fromagerie via +63 917 791 2865 or email them at lapetitfromagerie.mnl@gmail.com. You may also drop them a message in their Instagram account @lapetitefromagerie.

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