Thursday, August 23, 2018

First Sip: Cocoa Boulevard

With Mother Nature in its moodiest state, I prefer to stay in and enjoy watching the rain as I sip a hot cup of coffee or chocolate. And speaking of chocolate, I discovered a new alternative to my instant mix. 

Hello, Cocoa Boulevard.
I got a random message from Cocoa Boulevard a few months back asking if I would be interested to try its hot chocolate stirrers. Intrigued by the concept, I quickly said yes. I was then asked to wait for a few weeks as they make their hot chocolate stirrers from scratch. 
My hot chocolate stirrers came individually packed with the chocolate molded with a wooden spoon. Some also had Irish or Strawberry Cream Liqueur for that delightful kick.
Each stirrer costs PHP119, a reasonable price to pay to enjoy hot chocolate made with fresh local ingredients. Free from preservatives and artificial flavorings, you get to enjoy authentic hot chocolate at the comfort of your home. 
Prepping your hot chocolate is easy. All you need is hot milk and simply dip your stirrer in and wait for it to melt. 
However, I noticed that the chocolate tend to be hard to melt. Stirring it helps though.
The first drink I had was Strawberry Cream--milk chocolate with Strawberry Cream Liqueur. 
Since I was unsure with the idea of having liqueur in my drink, I opted to just add half of what's in the dropper. And it turned out to be a great idea as the liqueur was quite strong and masks the sweet chocolatey goodness of the drink. 
I liked Milk Chocolate more though as I love classic drinks.  
White Chocolate is also a good option if you like something creamy. 
Overall, I love the concept and how this business support our local cocoa suppliers in Davao and coco sugar farmers in Quezon Province. 

To order, visit Note that they also offer bulk discount making this an ideal holiday present! 

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