Friday, April 6, 2018

When in Cebu: Sans Rival

I am a sucker for local sweet stuff. I always find myself hoarding various delicacies from my trips down to Visayas,  especially Bacolod. One of the first things R and I buy is silvanas from Sans Rival, not the one from Dumagete but from a local mart that resells it. I even fell for its charm when I was in Mactan airport only to find out that it is being sold more than twice expensive. But I didn't care and grabbed a box in an instant. But I discovered a new place to stock up on my favorite at a more reasonable price... at Sans Rival full service restaurant in Robinsons Galleria Cebu!  

Hello, Sans Rival!
I literally jumped and twirled like a little girl who saw her crush when I read an article mentioning that Sans Rival opened a branch in Robinsons Galleria. But my heart sank when I read the next word... Cebu. 
When R and I made a quick trip to Cebu (quick being we were there for less than 24 hours), I made sure that we drop by for at least a week's supply of sweets. 
Located at the ground floor of Robinsons Galleria Cebu, it would be hard to miss Sans Rival with its familiar facade. 
A display showcase with mouthwatering pastries is the first thing that would greet you. As much as I would like to try some or its savory menu, I was in a rush and only had time to grab my favorites. 
A box of classic Butter Silvanas costs PHP170 while it costs about PHP190-200 in Bacolod and PHP350 in Mactan airport.
For some reason, the silvanas from this place tasted a lot better than the one I got from the mini mart in Bacolod. Perhaps it was because the stock from the restaurant was newer or because it was stored better. 
It was frozen yet not icy and the cashew-meringue had that delectable crunch which I love. And the buttercream layer had that perfect level of sweetness. (Note: I love sweets so it may be too sweet for some.)
And after learning about this store, I'll never ever buy overpriced silvanas ever again!

Sans Rival is located at Ground Floor, Robinsons Galleria Cebu, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City. It also has a branch in Robinsons Fuente, Jones, Cebu City.

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