Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Curious Foodie: Angel's Burger

Who hasn't seen Angel's Burger must be living in a cave. This burger joint is one of the most successful local food brands in the country today with multiple branches nationwide. Though curious, I never really thought of trying it as I always have something else in mind. That was until we found ourselves starving during a road trip with no other restaurant in sight. So... what the heck? It can't be successful if it serves bad stuff, right?

Hello, Angel's Burger
Famous for its Buy One, Get One burgers, we availed of its Cheeseburger Sandwich (PHP38 or PHP19 per burger) while I upgraded mine to a Bacon Cheeseburger Sandwich by adding PHP16 for a slab of bacon. 
I heard from some friends that someone vlogged about Angel's Burger and mentioned that it pretty much 90% bread and 10% patty. And I actually believed that thinking that you can't really expect so much from a PHP19 cheeseburger or PHP14 hamburger. 
But it turned out to be better than I thought. True, the patty is thin but it's not like it will get blown away by a sudden gust of wind. And each bite had at least a bit of meat. Just add that super red ketchup for extra taste. And for the price, not bad at all. 

Care to drop by one?

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  1. We just had 2 orders of cheeseburger buy one take one last night! So affordable lalo na if gutom ka na in the middle of the night and wala kang ibang mapagbilhan. Nice for you to blog about it!


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