Friday, April 27, 2018

An Unexpected Love: Ramen Nagi's Crab King

I love ramen but most of my friends know that Ramen Nagi is not in my top 5 list. I didn’t exactly had a smooth start with the never-empty-ramen-shop’s Black King, hailed as the emperor of rich taste. It overwhelmed my taste buds which prefer delicate flavors. Hence, I avoided Ramen Nagi for years and only began to warm up again when I tasted its limited flavors, Veggie King and Cheesy Tomato King. But it was this store’s latest creation that convinced me why Ramen Nagi is definitely not just hype. 

Hello, Ramen Nagi
Fast food has always been our staple meal whenever we’re at the airport. With only 30 minutes to spare, we stick with the two redheads. But last Saturday, we tried something different and went with Ramen Nagi. 
Known for its fast service, we all ordered ramen. While my companions went with the classic Original and Green Butao King, I decided to go for Crab King (PHP490), Ramen Nagi’s limited flavor of the month. 
This bowl of firm ramen noodles swimming in creamy kani and tonkotsu broth topped with whole deep fried soft-shell crab was delicious! Unlike its other limited Kings, this one had the perfect umami level that would make you finish your bowl without finding it cloying. Each slurp of the broth brought out the beautiful blend of land and sea. And the best part was that I didn’t find the soup oily at all! 
I enjoyed every mouthful of this wonderful bowl that I hesitated to share some with R. I wanted to savor each bite as this was the first and last time I would get to have this as it was only available for only two weeks. 
I took my last spoonful with mixed emotions. Dramatic as it may sound but it’s true. I felt happy for having tasted this mouthwatering masterpiece and rather devastated for not finding and trying this out sooner so that I could have more of it.
Hmm, perhaps I should make a petition to have this in the regular menu? Anyone willing to support me on this?

Ramen Nagi is located at 4th Floor, NAIA Terminal 3, Pasay City.

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