Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Restaurant Love: Cibo

Cibo is one of the you-cannot-go-wrong restaurants in Manila. I have never ordered anything from this place that I didn’t like as every single dish offered by this restaurant has been well thought of and beautifully executed. And it is not surprising given that this is the brainchild of Asia’s Best Female Chef of 2016, Margarita Fores. But given the number of new restaurants here and there, I tend to forget this well-loved restaurant till R’s family decided to have dinner there one Sunday. 

Hello, Cibo!

It was my first time to visit its Eastwood branch and it was packed! We had to wait for 10 minutes or so before we got a table to fit our party of 8. 

R’s sister had everything planned out and ordered a few dishes for sharing such as Patatine (PHP165, medium | PHP295, large), Spinaci Zola (PHP270), Tartufata (PHP395) and Penne al Telefono (PHP375 | PHP660, La Famiglia). R and I were not very hungry when we went so we decided to share one order of Grilled Tenderloin, an off the menu dish. For drinks, we both went with Pomelo Shake (PHP150).
First served were two orders of Patatine, Cibo’s famous thin potato chips with garlic mayonnaise dip. It was funny how all the guys thought that these were complimentary wait baskets. Well, these delightful treats weren’t but definitely worth the price. Crispy and well seasoned, it was perfection!
Spinaci Zola is yet another famous appetizer of Cibo. I have always been a fan of spinach and gorgonzola combination and Cibo puts those two together like a spinach dip master! 
I just wish that there are free crostini refills. 
Soon, our drinks were served and R who never had Cibo’s bestselling Pomelo Shake was delighted by the refreshing drink. 
Sweet, light with a bit of tangy kick. *insert hearts here*
A huge plate of Penne al Telefono was served after and we all loved how al dente the penne pieces were. Despite its pale color, this pasta dish was packed with flavor. It was tangy and cheesy at the same time tickling my tastebuds and making it yearn for more. 

We also had this other dish with ginormous pasta pieces. Sadly, I forgot its name. Taste-wise, it was pretty close to Penne al Telefono. 

It wasn’t a long wait till our steak was served. 
Grilled medium rare, one could still see some blood oozing out of the thick slice of meat which was sitting on a bed of mushroom cream sauce and asparagus. There were also some sautéed mushrooms on the side for additional flavor and texture. 
The verdict? It was pretty good. The steak was succulent and well seasoned but it tasted a lot better with the cream sauce. There were just some parts which were oddly dry. 
I last sampled the Tartufata pizza which looked healthy to me. Given that Tartufata is a flat pizza topped with mozzarella, mushroom-truffle paste, sautéed mushrooms and asparagus, I expected it to be a bland dish. 
I was surprised though that it was good too. The light flavors played well together and were further enhanced by the truffle paste. The asparagus and sliced mushrooms added a bit of bite to the dish. 

Overall, it was a scrumptious dinner. I just didn’t like the open space as it made the ambiance too chaotic and noisy. 

Cibo is located at 2nd Floor Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City. 

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