Saturday, January 21, 2017

Celebrate the Little Things with foodpanda

It has just been a few weeks since the holidays but most of us are already stressed as if we didn’t just took a relaxing break. Though it’s nice to run towards your goal, we tend to be too driven towards that finish line that we miss out on the smaller things in life that are also worth celebrating. Admit it, when was the last time you had a slow paced work lunch where you get to really taste your meal and not just wolf it down? Or how about having those few minutes in the morning where you enjoy a cup of coffee while reading your favorite book or catch up with your family? Sadly, I couldn’t remember the last time I had those. And this is what foodpanda wants to change.  
Take time to celebrate everyday as each new day is worth celebrating. 

This is pretty much the message of foodpanda as they launch the campaign “Celebrate the little things with foodpanda."
The well-loved food delivery app aims to let us have an awesome start this 2017 by helping us remember that even small things matter and worth our time. 

From January 16 to February 12, around 1,500 lucky customers (who order a minimum purchase of PHP1,500) will receive lovely small tokens from foodpanda in the form of PHP300 discount vouchers from Zalora, addicting fries from Potato Corner, refreshing halo-halo from Icebergs and free rides from Grab EACH WEEK! 

I could not think of a better reason to spoil one’s self with some serious good grub!

Check out now!

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