Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kitchen Adventure: Suy Foods' Longganisa and Tocino for Brunch

Those who say “never skip breakfast” are wise. Why skip an awesome meal? I try to squeeze in a bite or two even when I’m at my busiest state because breakfast is love. And when I do have the time to indulge in some sunny side up eggs, sausages and the works, I spoil myself with only the best. I have to admit though, I got used to eating out due to convenience. But last Sunday was a different story. I finally got to spend some time at home. And what better way to spend morning than to whip up your own brunch?
It felt like it has been months since I last cooked my own meal. Due to the crazy ber months, I often find myself dining out to save time (not money). Holding a pan and knife seemed a bit foreign to me till I opened my fridge and saw my Filipino favorites.

Longganisa and tocino are two of my all-time breakfast loves and I’m one lucky girl to feast on a stash from Suy Foods.
Before I continue on with my kitchen adventure last Sunday, I would like to share how impressed I was with how these morning classics evolved to different flavors. Davao-based Suy Foods have longganisa in original, curry, spicy, Spanish style, smoked and smoked with cheese. 
For tocino, they have it in original, curry, spicy and teriyaki. They also have chicken rolls with cheese for picky eaters who could not let go of their love for anything fried and chicken. 

All of Suy Foods products are made from chicken and Halal Certified making it a perfect option for the Muslim community who follow a strict religion-based diet. But of course, this doesn’t mean that it would be less enjoyable. In fact, it was nothing short of scrumptious! Now, let me go back to my kitchen story. 

I played it safe and picked sweet tocino (or tocino original) for my Pestocino Pasta while tried to be a bit more adventurous with my Longganisa Cheeseburger by choosing Smoked Longganisa with Cheese. 
I am a big fan of pesto dishes and I figured that it would go well with tocino as well. With this idea in mind, I Filipino-fied my usual pesto pasta dish. 
Prepping this dish was a breeze as all I had to do was put cream, pesto sauce, and parmesan cheese on a pan. Though I usually put butter as well, I skipped this one as I will be putting tocino bits in the pasta sauce. 
The end result was a beautiful blend of herby, nutty and sweet taste! I had no idea that pesto and tocino could go so well together. I think I just discovered my new favorite pasta. And it came from my own kitchen! 
My Longganisa Cheeseburger was an easy meal to prepare as well as all I had to do was cook some longganisa and egg. 
I sliced the longganisa rolls into small bits to cover the bun’s base and topped it with a slice of cheese, tomatoes and egg. 
And it was love at first bite! As a longsilog fan, I just found a way to enjoy it with just one hand and on the go. I also loved how the cheese ooze out from the longganisa every time I take a bite. It was one cheesy love!

I can’t wait for another slowdown Sunday for me to cook more dishes with my Suy Foods stash. 

Suy Foods products are available in selected Robinsons Supermarkets (in its Halal food section), Puregold, Waltermart Makati, Landmark Makati, Trinoma and all major supermarkets in Davao. SRPs are as follows: Skinless Longganisa Original (PHP85.75), Skinless Longganisa Curry | Spicy | Spanish Style (PHP87.75), Smoked Longganisa Original (PHP135.75), Smoked Longganisa with Cheese (PHP137.75), Tocino Original (PHP113.75), Tocino Curry | Spicy | Teriyaki (PHP116.75), Chicken Rolls with Cheese (PHP73.75).



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