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A Rich Taste of India: Royal Indian Curry House

Indian cuisine is not very popular here in Manila. You’d seldom or barely see an Indian restaurant in the malls or foodie havens. But when you do, more often than not, it would give you a distinct gastronomical experience. And that was what I experienced when I went to Royal Indian Curry House.

Hello, Royal Indian Curry House.
Our foodie godfather,, invited R and I to join him in an Indian feast last week. As curious foodies, we quickly said yes and crawled (literally because of the traffic) our way to Makati and was greeted by an impressive five-storey restaurant across A.Venue Mall. 
The first and second floor have the same interiors while the third floor is more of a bar or pub with billiards. The fourth floor is dedicated for private functions and the fifth floor is yet another bar with a cute jeepney as the cocktail bar. 
Our generous host suggested most of the dishes we were about to feast on that night. I just chose Sweet Lassi (PHP179) for my drink and went with whatever everyone’s getting.
First served were the Vegetable and Non-Vegetable Samosa (PHP149 and PHP199) and Sharaabi Chana (PHP249). 
At first, we were confused with how the server got to know which samosa is which. She let us in the trick and told us that the puffed pastries with lines on the edge are the ones with chicken meat while the ones without are just with vegetables. I liked the non-vegetable ones more as the chicken meat gave the dish more flavor compared to the ones with just potatoes and peas. 

Everyone loved the Sharaabi Chana but the rough chick pea like texture made my throat itch so I stopped after munching on two balls.

Next served were the huge servings of naan. I got to try Butter (PHP149) and Cheese (PHP199) naan and both were good. I liked that it was quite thick, fluffy and soft. My only concern with these two dishes was that each bite felt like a pound or two is added to my weight as these popular Indian breads were pretty oily and sinful. 
But who cares about sinful carbs when you have Murg Makhani (PHP439) and Mutton Rogan Josh (PHP499).
Murg Makhani or Butter Chicken is one of RICH’s bestselling dishes. The spoonful of the delectable tandoori chicken cooked in creamy tomato gravy and topped with butter punjabi could make a non-Indian food lover change his or her mind. 
I enjoyed the rich and thick sauce that had a bit of tanginess from the generous serving of tomatoes. I also liked that it was just mildly spiced for me to enjoy the deep flavors of the dish. 
The Mutton Rohan Josh or the slow cooked lamb with traditional herbs and spices was also great though it was spicier than Murg Makhani. 
I enjoyed this lamb dish more with the Chicken Biryani (PHP499) than naan though. 
I was already stuffed and I was not able to taste the Mutton Biryani or the sizzling plate of kebabs
I did get a bit of the prawn and a piece of chicken but both were a bit too dry. I am just not sure if it was because we let the food sit on the hot plate for a long time or if it was because it was really overcooked. 
While sipping the last drops of my delightful sweet lassi, the desserts—Gulab Jamun (PHP149), Carrot Halwa (199), Firni (PHP229) and Vanilla/Strawberry/Chocolate ice cream (PHP149)—were served. 
I had a bit of the Carrot Halwa and it tasted like a very moist carrot cake. Firni had a strong ginger taste great for cleansing the palate while the ice cream was nothing extraordinary. Sadly, none of the desserts impressed me. 
Despite the not so good ending, it was still a pleasant dinner. I tasted new dishes and discovered new loves. 

Royal Indian Curry House is located at 5345 General Luna Street, Poblacion, Makati City. 

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