Wednesday, November 30, 2016

First Bite: Holy Crab!

Part of our Aguirre itinerary is E’s sister’s seafood restaurant. I haven’t been to this place before and it didn’t really make a lot of noise as well hence being out of the looloo radar. But I’m sure glad we stopped by.

Hello, Holy Crab!
The not so new seafood restaurant has the same concept as Boiling Crab in the US and Shrimp Bucket here in Manila. I heard though that Holy Crab was the first one to bring such concept here in Manila. It’s just that the other player was a bit more aggressive in expanding. 
The smell of shelled fish was the first thing I noticed as soon as I stepped inside the restaurant. It reminded me of dampa. It wasn’t funky; but it wasn’t exactly pleasant as well. 
Since we just came from Bamba Bistro, I was a bit hesitant to order a dish for myself so I decided to just share with E and K. 

We ordered Mussels in Garliky-Lime and Salted Eggs Sauce (PHP330), Grilled Tuna Belly (PHP260), and a pitcher of Raspberry Cooler (PHP175). 
Service was fast and first served was our drink which was refreshing but dilluted. 

Mussels were served next and it was a pretty generous serving. One order was definitely good for sharing. 

I loved the strong flavor of salted eggs. I also liked the contrast in the texture of the mussels and the roughness of the salted eggs. Sadly though, it overpowered the garlic and lime taste. I could barely taste the garlic and lime. But it was still good and definitely better with shrimps (and rice)!
I didn’t get to taste the tuna belly anymore as I was saving space for desserts. E and K silently finished it so I guess it was good too. 

Overall, it was a good stop. Food was yummy and affordable. I would definitely head back for more! 

Holy Crab! is located at 252 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, ParaƱaque City. 

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