Wednesday, July 20, 2016

First Bite: Frank & Dean Café x Kitchen

After a heavy brunch from Locavore, my favorite foodies and I craved for some sweets to cap the meal. We read mixed reviews about Frank & Dean so we were a bit hesitant to head there. But the bright sun made the decision easier for us. Since Locavore and Frank & Dean are within the same area, we opted to just give it a try and see if it is really a waste of tummy space as others say. 

Hello, Frank & Dean
The place was rather empty when we got there around 1 pm. Only two or three tables were occupied and they didn’t even seem like customers. Apparently, we were right. They were scheduled to showcase their talents during Frank & Dean’s Common Ground (which serves as a venue for local artists to be heard and discovered). We decided to stay for a while since we heard that they will be serving free coffee and pastries for the ones who will watch the show. (Hey, don’t judge. It was a tempting offer.)
As much as we like free treats, we also try our best to be loveable customers so we ordered Paprika Fries (PHP190) and Beignets (PHP60). 
These two dishes were served in less than 10 minutes and we ate it as slow as possible to give us a reason to stay a bit longer. 
The beignets are like bavarian munchkins without the filling and left inside the fridge to be forgotten for weeks. The doughnuts were quite hard and not worth its price. It says a lot when you only had to pay PHP60 yet feel that your order was still a rip off. It was a really sad dish. 
At least the paprika fries did not disappoint. It was just like the ones I get from Pablo’s Pub. (Trivia: Frank & Dean and Pablo’s Pub in Forum are under the same owner.)
The fries have that delectable spiced flavor that reminded me of KFC’s version. It also came with two dips—ketchup and mayo. Both dips were served chilled though.
Just when we were down to the last few fries, the local artists started to prepare for their turns on stage. First off was Komiko which, for me, was the best among the groups. This was also our cue to get our free coffee and pastries. And guess what pastries they decided to serve for Common Ground? Oreo Cheesecake and... BEIGNETS! I felt bad that I had to pay PHP60 for this when we could get it for free. 
Anyway, the beignets seemed to have tasted better this time. I’m just not sure if it was a psychological thing given that I know that these ones were free. 

The Oreo cheesecake was served diced. I don’t really mind that. But there was this weird aftertaste that I simply could not describe. I just wash it down with the free black coffee
In case you’re interested, the coffee was nothing extraordinary but went well with the pastries. 

Overall, dining here was still a good idea. We got to enjoy tasty fries, good music and free treats. 

Frank & Dean is located at Forbes Town, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. 

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