Friday, July 1, 2016

First Bite: Mr. Graham's Sandwich Shop

After several Monopoly Deal Millionaires’ Edition games with 4:0 in favor of moi and digesting the macarons, cookie shot and milkshake we ordered from Mrs. Graham’s, R and I move to Mr. Graham’s Sandwich Shop. With several foodies raving about this shop, we just have to know why. 

Hello, Mr. Graham’s Sandwich Shop!
The place is small… very small. I didn’t get to check the second floor but the first floor could accommodate a maximum of four guests. The place was also (literally) hot. I’m not sure if the store’s air-conditioning was busted when we visited but I noticed that there was a stand fan trying its best to work its magic to keep the place cool.  
I decided to go with the shop’s bestseller The Cebuano (PHP210, small | PHP380, medium) and had it to go as the place really wasn’t that pleasant and inviting for us to stay. (And R wanted to head back so that we could work out and swim.) 
While waiting, I noticed that some customers just order sandwiches to go as well. Perhaps that’s the market of this shop. This explains why the place isn’t that comfortable. I have to admit though, the wall decals are adorable.
I asked the server to plate the sandwich first so that I could take photos of it. He gladly obliged and served The Cebuano on a wooden plate. I took some shots and had it wrapped.

I was planning to eat it as midnight snack but since I was still stuffed, I decided to have it for lunch the next day. 
I was worried that the sandwich might have gone bad because the server discouraged me from eating it the following day. But it was still good after popping it in the oven. 

The crisp bread enveloping the thin slabs of lechon covered in tangy mustard and onions was pretty good. I didn’t even have to put any lechon sauce to make it flavorful. I love the tanginess brought by the mustard as it complemented the slightly salty lechon meat. I also enjoyed the crunchy pork skin side dish. 

It was a pretty good and filling sandwich. I’ll be back for more to go sandwiches!

Mr. Graham's Sandwich Shop is located at 51-D Scout Rallos Street, Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

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