Wednesday, June 22, 2016

First Bite: Bondi & Bourke

I have been eying Bondi & Bourke for several months now. I have read countless reviews about this Australian steak place and all claim that the succulent slabs of meat are worth fighting for...against the unforgiving Makati traffic. But Makati is a strange and far land, or so on weeknights for me. To cut things short, I never had the chance to visit. Till last Friday night.

Hello, Bondi & Bourke

Thank you for opening a BGC branch. You made me so happy! 
I met up with some of my favorite looloo foodies at Melt, their second stop (third for C) that day. After our impulsive Flatiron visit to try the raved about Coffee Pie (PHP220), we headed to Bondi & Bourke for a heavy dinner. (J had to rush to Makati and R had to meet up with her boyfriend and left us alone with our steak night dream.)

While waiting for A to return after parking his car, we ordered a bowl of Garlic Fries (PHP95). I was absolutely famished when it arrived as it was already past 8 then. 
The fries were served in 10 minutes and though the fries were thick and crispy, the garlic powder was not spread evenly. Some fries were too garlicky while some were bland. 

To rightfully utter "Thank God it's Friday," we also ordered Australian Prime Rib Eye Steak (PHP2,190), Truffled Crab Carbonara (PHP630) and Chocolate Lamingtons (PHP145). A also ordered a bottle of red wine Crackerjack River (PHP1,000/bottle). 
The pasta arrived first and it was delightful. The noodles were al dente and the truffle taste was strong enough to be appreciated. 
The sauce was flavorful yet not overwhelming. It was one of my favorites that night. I only have one concern though... I could barely taste the crab meat. 

The rib eye steak arrived after 10 minutes or so and T was just in time for it! (We were already done taking photos when she arrived.)
With high expectations, we each took a morsel of meat and popped it inside our mouths. 
I admit, it had nice flavor and it was definitely seasoned well. But it was the toughest medium rare I have ever had. It was tough that I felt my mouth developed abs of its own. For the sides, the blanched artichokes and mashed potatoes are nothing extraordinary. In short, I was disappointed with this one. It made me wonder if I really was at a steak place.
At least the red wine was good and went well with the meat. 
But our meal ended nicely as Lamingtons delighted my eyes and taste buds. 
The pretty dessert was a soft chiffon cake covered in chocolate and coconut shavings topped with white chocolate, blueberries and a strawberry flower. It had a nice light taste yet still undeniably sweet and a great dish to cap our meal. I loved how the soft chiffon was in contrast with the coconut shavings. Its sweetness was also well complemented by the tanginess of the fruits. 
Overall, it was a good meal. It would have been superb if only the meat was tender and if the servers were more attentive. They didn't give Abe a glass of water and only did when we asked for it. They also do not refill our glasses unless requested. Lastly, they served our dessert with our mains. For now, I'll give it three stars. But I'll be back for the US Prime Rib Eye!

Bondi & Bourke is located at Forbes Town Center, Bonifacio Global City. For inquiries or reservations, contact them at 866 5518 or 0998 582 0435.

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