Friday, March 4, 2016

Gastro Park Kapitolyo Find #5: The Seventh Element

Though it's cold at night, the scorching afternoon heat  reminds us that summer is near. It is the signal to prepare the bods for the beach but it is also a sign for... ice cream!

Hello, The Seventh Element!
I've read several good reviews about this nitrogen ice cream and it sure made me curious. I promised myself that I'll try this place out when I visit Gastro Park. And I don't break promises. :D
After a hearty meal, T and I decided to cap our lunch with some sweets. I decided to go for Oreo and Cream Cheese while T went for Avocado. Both flavors are their bestsellers.
One cup costs PHP150 and it seems steep compared to its competitors. But since it's the only ice cream stand in Gastro Park, it doesn't really matter to the food park's patrons. 

It took the staff a couple of minutes before serving our cups of ice cream. And when it was finally served, I was a bit disappointed that our cups were not overflowing with ice cream
But a spoonful of ice cream changed my disappointment to delight.

Sure, the serving size might seem a bit stingy for the price. But The Seventh Element made up for it with quality. The ice cream scoops we ordered were both rich in flavor and very creamy. 
Oreo and Cream Cheese added a bit of twist to the typical cookies and cream. There was a tinge of cream cheese flavor which reminded me of red velvet (but with crunch).
Avocado was smooth and creamy too. Tastewise, it was slightly better than Arce Dairy, my favorite avocado ice cream brand. I'd choose this one over Oreo and Cream Cheese if I want something to cleanse my palate. 
The Seventh Element has tickled my soft spot for desserts. I will definitely be back again.

The Seventh Element is located at Gastro Park, 1st Street, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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