Monday, March 2, 2015

Power Meal: Chatime Bento

I promised myself that I’m going to be a better and stronger person this year and I have been working hard to be fit. (But I still pig out on some days as I could not resist good food.) I go to yoga every day and soon, I will try a new sport or exercise. *Pats self on the back* But what I really look forward to after every workout is the “grace period” where you could eat whatever you want as experts say that the body still burns calories after workout. (Well, even if it’s not true, I will still eat as I don’t eat before working out.)

Tired and hungry, I decided to stop by Chatime to buy Chocolate Mousse and perhaps a sandwich but something else caught my attention… Chatime Bento (PHP169)!

I wanted to have it to go but the server said that it’s only available for dine in so I decided to have dinner there instead. Luckily, there was a table available upstairs. (And I was the only solo diner that (Friday) night! Huhuhu.)

Ten minutes later, my bento was served.
The bento consists of Chatime Chicken Chops, annatto rice, cuttlefish ball, shredded cabbage and soup.

The soup was a bit salty but the warmth was very soothing. I also enjoyed the shredded cabbage which was very much like Yabu’s and Saboten’s. The chicken chops were fried to perfection. Crispy yet still juicy and it went so well with the annatto rice. The cuttlefish ball, on the other hand, reminded me of squid balls.
Overall, it was a very filling dinner. And for PHP169, it was value for money.

I will definitely buy again soon.

Chatime savory dishes are available in selected stores only. Chatime Bento is available at Chatime Pioneer, Pioneer Supermarket, Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City.

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