Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bacon Steak Heaven: Balboa

Friday traffic never fails to discourage me from exploring other places. Just like last Friday, R and I were supposed to visit Xocolat near UP. But since traffic gets more intense on Fridays, we decided to go to Shangri-La instead. And I find it tough to choose where to eat there since I already tried all the restaurants. (Good thing my favorites such as Spätzle, Kettle, Balboa, Brotzeit, and Duck & Buvette are there.) R let me choose where to eat and I chose…

Balboa! It has been a while.
I still remember how much I raved about its roasted chicken. I told my family, friends, and colleagues how much I love Balboa’s roasted chicken. I’m a fan. (Okay, enough of the chicken.)

This time around, R and I ordered the following: Cream of Squash (PHP209), Bacon Steak (PHP448) and Lasagna (PHP319). For drinks, R got the Salted Caramel (PHP175) while I chose Lychee, Lime and Honey (PHP138).
The drinks arrived first and my drink was quite refreshing. It wasn’t that sweet and it has a slight citrus taste from the lime. The lychee taste was faint though.
R loved his salted caramel. It was quite milky and surprisingly not as sweet as I thought.
The Cream of Squash had a light texture making it a good appetizer. I loved the slight sweetness of the soup.

The lasagna and bacon steak arrived next.
R’s lasagna, with ground U.S. Black Angus and pecorino, was pretty average. The cheese taste wasn’t that strong and same for the meat. Sadly, I find it forgettable.
The bacon steak though was value for money. One order comes with two huge slabs of bacon, two sunny side up eggs and rosti potato balls. It was a filling dinner! The bacon was not that salty and did not have the “umay” taste. I loved the rosti potato balls too which added crunch to the whole dish.

Overall, it was a lovely dinner. (Well, anything with bacon is love.)

Balboa is located at 4th floor, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.

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