Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mega Food Hall Favorites: Tex-Mex and Sweetea by

I love hanging out with people who love to eat. It means that they are game to pig out and try different restaurants. My college friends are just like that and when we met a few weeks back, we were able to visit three different establishments! (Well, four for K and I.)

After having lunch at Burgers & Brewskies and dessert at Larcy’s Cupcakery Café, we decided to go to Megamall to continue pestering each other (in the most loveable way possible). And since we like to chit chat while munching, we headed to Mega Food Hall for some snacks.
K and I went straight to Sweetea by and she got Starburst (PHP160 for medium | PHP170 for large) while I got Green Passion (PHP120 for medium | PHP130 for large). Since there’s a wait time of 6 to 8 minutes, we checked out Tex-Mex after seeing a couple enjoying a plate of nachos.
Since we were envious (of the food and not the lovey doveyness just so we’re clear), we ordered Nachos MexGrande (PHP159) and Grilled Chicken Quesadilla (PHP169). After paying, we were given this coaster looking number that vibrates when our orders are ready. I hope all food courts have this so that we could roam around while waiting for our orders.

After a short while, we got all of our orders and started to dig in.
My Green Passion had a slight fruity taste from the passion fruit. It was a bit on the bland side but I like it that way. K liked it too, and even more than her Starburst which she felt would take a bit of time to be likable.
The nachos were delightful! There was a generous serving of toppings. Cheese, beef, olives, beans, multicolored nachos, all offering different textures all in one mouthful! It was lovely. It had a rich taste and great for sharing.
Sadly, compared to the nachos, the quesadilla became less impressive given that it had less texture and flavor. It was cheesy though and each bite had grilled chicken. (I’m still siding with the nachos though.)

I heard that the burritos of Tex-Mex are good too. I’ll try it next time.

And Halal Guys, please hurry up!!!

Sweetea by and Tex-Mex are located at 5th floor, Mega Food Hall, Fashion Hall, SM Megamall Mandaluyong City.

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