Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Restaurant Discovery: Kimukatsu

People change as time pass by. Priorities shift and some friends come and go. That's how life is. Dwelling in how great things were will just hinder you from appreciating the present. I admit, I used to be guilty with reminiscing about the past, how happy and carefree college was. Okay, perhaps it wasn't as carefree as I recall as I do remember sleepless nights because of those financial models we just could not balance. But I am thankful for one thing... the people who stayed. 

It has been a while since I last saw J and M. The last time I met J was way back in 2010 while it was 2012 for M. I guess we all got busy but interestingly, kept in touch thanks to Facebook. Hey, this could be a movie, eh? Uh, not really.
Anyway, we all decided to meet up at Shangri-La (since I'm the youngest and I get the first pick!) and went to Kimukatsu, a new Japanese restaurant at the East Wing.
For some reason, I had an impression that it is just like its neighbor, Ikkoryu Fukuoka. But when we got there and saw the menu, it is just like Yabu. KimuKATSU... duh! Since we're there and comfy, we decided to go for it. 
I ordered the Black Pepper Katsu (PHP390) while J went for the Tatsuta-Age (PHP180) and another katsu viand I forgot to note. M on the other hand went for the Kimukatsu Plain Sandwich (PHP210) and Agedashi Tofu (PHP180). I also ordered Japanese Panna Cotta for dessert (PHP110).
First served were the complimentary miso soup and cabbage followed by the Tatsuta-Age and Kimukatsu Plain Sandwich. I had to take quick snapshots of the dishes as I was not with people who are used to being around a food blogger who believes in "picture before satisfying the tummy". 

I haven't had the heart to ask for a bite too as they seemed to be famished. But based on how quickly they finished their meals, I'm guessing that the dishes were pretty good.
My Black Pepper Katsu arrived next and it was scrumptious! The black pepper taste was quite strong and the katsu was pretty tender. The coating was crisp too. J however asked for my last 4 chunks and finished it without hesitation.
M offered though his Agedashi Tofu which was pretty soft and hard to get with chopsticks so we ended up using a spoon. It reminded me of taho with breading. The sauce was pretty sweet too which was a good balance with the bland tofu.
Last served was the Japanese Panna Cotta which I was really excited to try as I wanted to know what the powder was.
After a spoonful, I realized it's like panna cotta with pulvoron. The powder reminded me of milk with sesame. It's satisfying but not as extraordinary as I thought.
Oh well. I do hope that they expand their menu with more options.

Kimukatsu is located at Shangri-La Plaza Mall 5th Floor, East Wing, Mandaluyong City.

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