Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Las Vegas Stop: Border Grill

Eating out in the US is pretty expensive so I never had the chance to really eat out as I normally do here in Manila. But it's okay. It made me learn how to prepare more dishes and even bake! I manage to try a few restaurants though while I was in the US and I will be sharing them one by one this month. Let me start with Border Grill (after a little story of our Vegas trip).

My good friend J went to California for a short vacation and we decided to visit Las Vegas to make her vacation worthwhile. The catch though was... we'll just stay overnight.
I was pretty proud with myself as I was able to learn Las Vegas 101 in less than an hour. Soon, I found myself securing our bus tickets (thank you Greyhound) and hotel (the farthest in the strip but hey, it is still on the strip!).
Soon, J and I found ourselves in a bus ride to Las Vegas and it sure was a long ride. 6 hours to be exact with a scent of Marijuana. Yes, weeds. For some reason, some passengers just can't wait. I found out it that it was the smell of weeds from an elderly. I guess I still have a lot to know about the "real world".
When we arrived, we tried to figure out how to get to the strip as the bus stop is a few blocks away. We had 3 options then, cab, bus or walk. I didn't consider taking a cab as an option as the fare is ridiculously expensive plus with the traffic, we'll run out of money in no time. So we decided to walk until we found a bus terminal. We got a day pass for $8 per person. It's not a bad deal at all. It's valid for 24 hours! Our hotel was about 4 to 6 stops away from the terminal and sadly, while inside the bus, I got squished. Yes, squished by one of the passengers. 
After an hour of stretching and resting, we finally decided to head out and explore Vegas. We first went to the observation deck at Stratosphere for the view then took the bus to go to the farthest hotel, Mandalay Bay.
J wanted to see the shark but I was such a cheapskate and I had the impression that I will be going back soon anyway so I said I'm not really into it. Wrong decision there. Tsk.
We got so mesmerized by Mandalay Bay that we decided to have dinner there. The friendly ambiance of the Mexican restaurant Border Grill caught our attention.

The place was packed and we had to wait to get a table. 

In less than 20 minutes though we got a table and we got a free serving of tortilla chips and salsa. The server asked if we wanted fresh guacamole too to which we said, "sure" thinking it was free. It wasn't.
After some thought, I decided to go for the pan-seared chicken with tamales while J went for the wagyu tacos with beans. 

We were already getting full with the guacamole (which we agreed was the highlight of our Vegas trip) when our orders arrived. 
The pan-seared chicken was cooked well and seasoned marvelously. Each bite was oozing with flavor. It had a slightly salty and tangy taste which I love. I didn't enjoy the tamales though.
J's wagyu beef taco was also great. It was slightly sweet and the meat was indeed tender. I also enjoyed the beans.
It was also Happy Hour that time so J and I each had a drink. I got a margarita while J ordered a bottle of beer.
The dinner was very pleasant and service was excellent. I would definitely go back here for more guacamole.
Border Grill is located at Mandalay Bay, 3950 Las Vegas Fwy, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Contact them at +1 702 632 7403.

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