Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Life Note: Gratitude

In life, we meet so many people... the good, bad, acquaintance, friend, movie buddy... you name it. Each one will have a role, no matter how big or small, in our lives. 

When I was a kid, I would often say to my "favorite" friend that he or she (though it's usually a she as you know, kids have this inborn annoyance of the opposite sex) will be my bestest  friend forever.
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Forever. We usually use that loosely when we were younger as we do not have a full grasp of reality. Come high school, that's when things become clearer. Not everyone who comes in our lives will forever be in our lives, or hold that special place for eternity. Remember why tears are shed during graduations?
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Reality is, people come and go. Yes, everyone has the option to stay. But sadly, not everyone opts to stay. Priorities change, we change. The usual brunch dates every week turn to every month to every other month and so on. The long calls turn from hours to minutes to half a minute. It's not because of the changes that happen to us. It's by choice. 

At first, I find it hard to understand why set ups I'm comfortable with have to change. But change helps us grow, to get to know ourselves more. We all used to be dependent on certain people for something, may it be comfort, laughter, or the daily dose of gossip. But in the end, we all have to learn to live without them. No, it doesn't mean throwing them out but being independent, being strong on our own. 

People come and go. Yes, at times we grow to question what went wrong on why some of whom we were close to suddenly went the other way, leaving us wondering. But instead of asking why, it's best to just be thankful. Be thankful to have them become a part of your life. Be thankful for their time, concern, friendship, love, and simply being there for you for a while. Let go of the sorrow, the grudge, the regrets for those will do nothing but inflict pain. Instead, remember the nice memories, how these people helped you become the person you are now. Do not let anger or sorrow cloud the good times. For I am definite, there are those memories you would love to cherish.
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In more than two decades of meeting people, I can no longer count how many people came and left. But I am thankful. Each exchange of words helped me be more mature and realize how wonderful life is and could be. The shared experiences made me who I am today. The laughter once shared would be great memories for me to keep.

I am also thankful for the people who left and came back. These people made me realize that you should never close doors. Life is interesting that way. 

And for those who never left and patiently watch me grow, I love you beyond words. 

To everyone, thank you. <3

-Mary Love (a.k.a. Gluttonshopper, the sentimental birthday girl)

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