Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Staycation 2013 Mini Projects

These past few weeks has been pretty productive. I'm learning how to drive (manual!) and I'm also learning how to cook one dish every weekend.Come Holy Week, I plan to be more productive as looking back, I just bond with my bed together with my BFFs Chips and Soda. It'll be different this year! So here's what I plan to do...

Since I won't be going out of town or visit my hometown (as my hometown is Manila!), I will do the following:

Hang around.
Not hang around the mall as the malls will be closed but hang stuff that needs to be hooked to make my space clutter-free. (Oh, we'll have a blast Command!)

Maximize space.
I'll be exploring the highs and lows of my room to see if there's extra space that I can use. As how IKEA says it, sometimes the space that we're looking for is there all along, it's more on just working with the space you have with a bit more of imagination. I so love IKEA. I even cried when I visited a branch during one of my trips!

Think like a visual merchandiser.
I've always wanted my closet to be neat and organized but every time I rush to get some clothes for work, my closet turns into a chaotic mess in less than a month! But that will all change by making my closet more structured making it less difficult for me to find the clothes I want to wear. How? By organizing my clothes by color, kind, and whatnot. One day will be spent here for sure!

Go green.
Or simply healthier. Instead of munching on some chips and chocolates, I'll read through my Healthy recipe book (by Yummy) and try to whip up some dishes good for the body. I'll learn something new and my body will thank me too!


And by stretch I mean practice yoga. I really plan to make 2013 the year for me to be fit and healthy! No more week-long sickness! 


I still have quite a handful of things to blog and perhaps those 4 days is all I need to finish them all. :)

All room photos are from IKEA USA Facebook page.
Yoga mat photo from Urban Ashram.

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