Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Driving 101: How to get a Driver's Permit

I mentioned in my previous post that I visited LTO (for the first time) to get my student driver’s permit and it was such a breeze. For those who have yet to get their permits, here are some things to know.

My mom warned me that it’ll be really warm while waiting in line so she told me to bring a fan to help me cool off. (TIP: Wear light clothes too.)
To my mom’s surprise, there was hardly a line. She thought that it must be because it’s the third Friday of the month. I’m not really sure if that’s something to take note of but it doesn’t hurt to pay a visit on the third week. There might be really less people renewing their licenses around this time.

For you to secure your permit, you must bring a copy of a valid ID to verify your age. You may present your birth certificate, passport and the like. I forgot to photocopy my birth certificate but I was lucky as there’s a nearby photocopier. As soon as I accomplished the form (NOTE: you must have a Tax Identification Number [TIN] as well for this) and signed the pledge, I handed it to window #1. He gave me a piece of paper and asked me to wait near window #2.
Window #2 will just verify some details from the form and then it’s time to have your photo taken. You can smile here. Wait for your name to be called by the cashier and pay the permit fee of PHP317.68. Show the receipt when you claim your permit. 

It’s that easy! More food trips coming very soon!

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