Thursday, March 7, 2013

Not Just Toasts: Toast Box

After an afternoon of being tea-loving friends, we decided to stop by Toast Box, a cute little restaurant that I thought only serves toasts. Hey, the name was deceiving. 

Hello, Toast Box.
N was drawn to this restaurant while we were trying to burn some calories (and J mesmerized by LEGO). I was pretty surprised that the restaurant has a lot of dishes to offer. They serve Nonya Laksa (PHP225), Hokkien Prawn Mee (PHP220), Chicken Sausage Noodles (PHP149), and a lot more aside from toasts. N, J and I ordered the three I just mentioned. We all added PHP30 to get a glass of Iced Barley.
The place was really packed when we entered but were lucky to spot an empty table right away. Despite the crowd, service was pretty quick. We were still digesting our brunch when our bowls arrived.
I wasn’t really able to taste the bowls of N and J as the itsy bitsy taste of their soup made me drink a third of my drink. It was SPICY! I have mentioned in my previous blogs that my tolerance for spicy food is pretty much non-existent. I try but there are just some I really could not eat as I’ll just cough throughout the whole meal.

Luckily, mine wasn’t spicy at all. It actually tasted a bit like La Paz Bachoy in some way. The broth’s taste was pretty light. The serving of the noodles was very generous. I wasn’t able to finish it as it seemed like there’s no end! The sausage was pretty okay. It wasn’t the ultra savory type which I think goes well with the noodles. For a price of PHP149, this is a great deal!
The iced barley was very refreshing too. It was a bit bland at first but if you stir your drink well, it’ll get a sweeter. I enjoyed munching on the barley. Joy! :)
I’ll definitely be back for the toasts and coffee next time.
Toast Box is located at 3rd floor Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City.


  1. Toast Box is everywhere here!! :) I see it more than Ya Kun Kaya Toast :) Have the Kaya Toast with Soft Boiled Egg. Before eating the egg, pour in soy sauce and a dash of black pepper. Then dip your kaya toast into the egg mixture. YUM!!! I also love Barley Juice, normally have it with my lunch :)

  2. Spicy noodles! I wanna try :) loved their peanut butter toast in sg.


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