Monday, March 18, 2013

Restaurant Discovery: The Strip Hollywood Steakhouse

Last Friday, I filed for a half day to work on my student permit as I am now learning how to drive! Horrah! Getting a student permit was really easy and quick. I arrived around 2 p.m. and there were only a few people around. In an hour, I was done! But this is another story. For now, I want to talk about this new wing of Shangri-La mall and the steakhouse I fell in love with.

Hello, The Strip Hollywood Steakhouse!
I wasn’t really planning on visiting this steakhouse as I was targeting the ramen place beside it. However, they are closed from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. to [I guess] prepare for dinner or something.  Anyway, I was really down when I saw the closed sign but smiled in an instant when the server at The Strip Hollywood Steakhouse told me that they’re open and happy to serve!
So, steakhouse it is then.
I was planning to order a big slab of steak until my mom told me that it was Friday. I don’t really practice it (and I even had tapa for breakfast!) but since my mom was hesitant, I finally gave in and decided to order The Pink Meat (PHP500) while my mom opted to order Stuffed Calamari (PHP360). Since I wanted something more, I opted to order the Goat’s Island and Berry Seas (PHP220) as dessert. We also had two glasses of their Signature Iced Tea (PHP108)
While waiting, we were given complimentary bread with butter drizzled with some herbs. My mom enjoyed it as it was crisp outside yet soft and warm inside. My mom though preferred if they served it with cheese while I was pretty content with the melted butter.

The food was served as soon as we finished our bread and it was just the perfect timing!
The Pink Meat, or salmon fillet was fresh and well cooked. It didn’t have the fishy taste at all. I just hope that they put less pepper on it. The organic poached egg was divine as well. It was very soft and slightly salted. I also enjoyed the blanched asparagus. Yummy! The crispy rosti potatoes added texture to the rather soft dish making it even more enjoyable.
The stuffed calamari on the other hand had prosciutto and smoked mozzarella with herbed pesto. It was slightly chewy yet the inside was oozing with flavor. Slightly tangy because of the cheese, this is one great appetizer to order!
As for my dessert, I ordered it because of two words… “goatcheese”. I was intrigued by it. At first, I was a bit hesitant as I’m not the biggest fan of white chocolate but after one spoonful, I smiled and was so glad to order it. It was sweet yet tangy at the same time. The caramel on top plus the berry soup added extra flavors and it was a very harmonious combination. I just love it! I can’t wait to try though the “Triple Allegiance” which is a triple layered mousse terrine of dark, milk and white chocolate. (Okay, that description made me drool again!)

I’ll definitely visit again soon!

The Strip Hollywood Steakhouse is located at the 5th floor, East Wing, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.

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