Sunday, July 26, 2020

Food Delivery: Salmon HQ's Sushi Bake

Sushi Bake is one of the hottest food trends that emerged during Manila's lockdown. Several shops started selling this sushi spin-off. From the classic California Maki-inspired sushi bake to fancier pans made with scallop and uni, there are a lot of options to choose from depending on your budget. And if you are more particular with quality over price, Salmon HQ is one brand you should consider.

Hello, Salmon HQ.
Salmon HQ is one of the many new businesses that opened during the Enhanced Community Quarantine. It originally focused on offering different kinds of fresh sashimi. But with the craze for Sushi Bake getting stronger and no sign of slowing down, Salmon HQ decided to join the hype. And it launched its Crunchy California Sushi Bake (PHP500, 6.75" x 5.75" pan | PHP1,000, 8" x 8" | PHP1,200, 8" x 10" pan) and Aburi Scallop, Salmon and Ebi Sushi Bake (PHP700, 6.75" x 5.75" pan | PHP1,400, 8" x 8" | PHP1,600, 8" x 10" pan) last June.

I got a medium pan of each flavor. And it was indeed great for sharing! One order can serve four to six persons, and probably more if you intend to have this with other dishes. 
Do not let Crunchy California's simple look fool you. Cracking its golden brown surface leads you to a generous serving of shredded kani, sweet mango bits, cucumber, Japanese sushi rice, and crunchy tempura batter (for that addictive bite). As a person who puts California Maki in the bottom half of my sushi/maki list, Salmon HQ's take made me rethink its ranking.
The Japanese mayo and secret sauces (which I assumed were soy-based) could be a bit heavy on the palate. Best to enjoy this with some nori to balance the different flavors.
The Aburi Scallop, Salmon, and Ebi Sushi Bake is a luxurious take on this talked-about food trend. Japanese sushi rice topped with scallops, salmon bits, and shrimps; it was a beautiful seafood party in every bite. 
What I loved most about this one is that despite the seafood overload, it wasn't fishy at all. The snappy texture from the scallops, shrimps, and ebiko was so satisfying that I couldn't say no to round two. 
This variant had a more pronounced flavor than Crunchy California. I found it a tad salty too. Again, best to eat this with nori to balance the flavors. 
Overall, it was one delicious meal. I found the prices to be bang for the buck as you will surely get your money's worth with the generous serving! 
Note: Each order of Sushi Bake comes with nori. Small orders come with one pack while large orders come with two. You may also order extra nori for PHP50 each.

They also offer Uni and Scallop Aburi Sushi Bake (PHP800, small  | PHP1,600, medium | PHP1,800, large) if you want something with a bit more oomph.
To order, you can contact Salmon HQ through Instagram or Facebook. You can also contact them via 639 22 894 3679.

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