Friday, July 17, 2020

Food Delivery Favorite: Gab's Just Desserts

My trip to Italy was one of the most memorable adventures I've had to date. From getting lost in Siena to walking on the cobblestones of Rome and feasting on Naples's iconic Neopolitan pizza, I have wonderful experiences at each stop. One of the highlights of our Italy trip was indulging in Italy's amazing desserts. We went crazy with panna cotta and gelato. But one thing we missed was cannoli. Thankfully, there's Gab's Just Desserts.

Hello, Gab's Just Desserts.
Gab's Just Desserts is one of the few online shops that specialize in Italian desserts. The owners, having been based in Italy for three years, are very familiar with its sweet treats. And they figured that the boom of e-commerce is the perfect time to launch their dessert concept.
The menu has a limited number of items. But each one was carefully selected by Tracy, the talented baker behind the brand. By offering two products--cannoli and tiramisu, they get to focus on each product's quality
To date, there are four flavors to choose from for cannoli. These are Classic, Arancia e Cioccolato, Pistachio, and Oreo. Tiramisu, on the other hand, is available in two tub sizes, small (good for two servings) and big (good for 6-8 servings).
I was given a box of assorted cannolis today and got to try all flavors.
Classic is Gab's Just Desserts' top pick. This all-time favorite is your usual creamy ricotta cheese filling with a generous serving of dark chocolate chips. The slight tartness of the creamy filling was beautifully balanced by the bold and deep flavor of the chocolate chips.
If you're feeling a bit adventurous, go for Arancia e Cioccolato. It's just like your classic cannoli. But this one gets a bit of citrus flavor from bits of candied orange peel. Sweet and tangy? It works!
For those who want something more familiar, I'd recommend Pistachio and Oreo.
Nut lovers would enjoy the generous serving of crushed pistachio. This flavor is perfect for those not very fond of sweet treats.
But for those with a sweet tooth, go for Oreo. The harmonious blend of ricotta cheese and Oreo is a perfect marriage of flavors! 
Make sure to eat your cannoli right away to enjoy the crunchiness of the chocolate shell. 
Are you interested to order? Here's Gab's Just Desserts' menu for reference. 
To order, you can contact Gab's Just Desserts via +63 917 701 5669 or message them via Facebook or Instagram. There's a 2 day lead time for orders and accepted modes of payments are BDO or GCash.

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