Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Kitchen Hacks: Tefal's Optimal and Initial Spherical Pot Rice Cookers

Moving out and living alone is probably one of the biggest decisions I've ever made in my twenties. Though being independent has its perks, one of the challenges I often have to face is cooking my own meals. I was so used to having my mom cook for me and that comfort was gone as soon as I packed my bags and decided to live elsewhere. Thankfully, there are several products in the market that are easy to prepare. And last week, I discovered something that would revolutionize how I prepare my food.

Hello, Tefal.
The popular French cookware Tefal has been known for its durable frying pans. But this brand has a wide range of home products that are worth checking out. One of which is its spherical pot rice cooker. 
Inspired by palayok or traditional clay pot which our ancestors used to cook rice, Tefal's Optimal and Initial Spherical Pot Rice Cookers are designed to be a marriage between old and new. 
With a rounder pot shape, each grain are cooked equally avoiding burnt bottom or uncooked rice on top. Also such shape (62-degree golden angle) allows rice to come out fluffier, flavorful and with better texture.
These rice cookers also use 3D heating with uniform side, bottom and top heat transfer for that balanced cooking performance. 
Just check out this sticky rice and how defined its grains are!

But what's best about this kitchen gadget is that it has Artificial Intelligence Technology which could determine the different ingredients and best cooking performance by adjusting its temperature and cooking time. 

As of the moment, Tefal has two rice cookers that uses spherical pot -- Tefal Optimal Spherical Pot Rice Cooker (PHP10,995) and Tefal Initial Spherical Pot Rice Cooker (PHP8,995). 
The former has 35 built-in cooking programs that allow its users to cook beyond rice. Some dishes that you can prepare with this amazing product are Tinola, Bulalo, Stir Fried Beef and even desserts like cake
The latter on the other hand has 9 built-in cooking programs. This model best suit those who do not spend as much time in the kitchen.
Though this rice cooker may be considered to be pricey, its ability to cook beyond rice makes it bang for the buck and a great space saver appliance especially for condominium and apartment dwellers!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Tefal Spherical Rice Cookers now and enjoy 20% off in SM HOME (Department Stores) nationwide until MARCH 15, 2019. 

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