Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Restaurant Favorite: Barcino

Zomato Gold has been the talk of town ever since it was launched last year. And when it was finally available, it limited its subscription to a small number making it feel exclusive and in high demand. As the weeks pass by, Zomato opens up its subscription on certain days with a perk of hanging out with select local celebrities. And with its enticing give back program to users, each Zomato Gold user serves as the app's ambassador. But even without it, the app's 1+1 deal on food and 2+2 on drinks is enough to encourage anyone to spread the word. And if you're still thinking if it is worth your PHP700, one visit at Barcino will have you subscribing in a second. 

Hello, Barcino.
R's friends decided to have a get together a few weeks back and opted to go with Barcino, a group favorite. This time, they chose to dine at its Greenbelt 2 branch. And I was giddy with their choice as it is part of Zomato Gold.

One of R's friends arrived early and got a pitcher of Sangria (PHP950) which we shared. We also got a bowl of Chopitos Fritos (PHP380), Gambas Al Ajillo (PHP790, 350g), and Paella de Marisco (PHP850). Others who arrived later opted to order separately. 

We were seated at the second floor so it was a bit of a challenge to get the attention of the staff who frequent the al fresco area and ground floor more. But two wait staff were stationed close by when the second floor became packed as well.
Food was served fast despite the crowd and we got our gambas and fritos in under 20 minutes.
Barcino's gambas never fail to make me smile. Though it comes with a hefty price of PHP790 for a plate of 5 prawns swimming in oil and garlic, I find it worth every penny. You are guaranteed to feast on fresh snappy prawns oozing with delightful garlicky flavor. Spice lovers might be a bit disappointed though as this dish barely have any heat to it.
Chopitos Fritos was equally delightful. Crunchy on the outside and slightly chewy in the inside. Drizzle it with lemon for that nice tangy contrast! It also serves as an excellent choice for bar chow.
Our pan of paella took about 15 more minutes before it was served. Marketed to be good for 3, this pan can be shared by 5 to 6 if you plan to try other dishes. Generously topped with clams, mussels, squid and finishing it with three prawns in the middle, make sure to ask for lemon wedges for that delightful zest!  
Billing out was a bit of a pain as it took a long while before we got ours. And when it arrived, it didn't put in my Zomato Gold perk of 1+1 on food. They had to request for me to show them the code again and it was a good thing that I actually screen captured the code beforehand. It turns out the person who took our orders lost the code or something. So make sure to review your bill before paying or handing them your card.

Overall, it was still a pleasant experience despite some minor inconveniences. Though I'd stick with my favorite Barcino branch in BGC.

Barcino is located at Ground Floor, Greenbelt 2, Makati City.

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