Tuesday, February 20, 2018

No more Secrets: Clara International Skin and Body Centre

What is your darkest secret? It is definitely something one cannot easily share, or at least while sober. But don't you just hate having to hide it all the time or being on guard? It is one of my goals this year to be free of having this unnecessary burden and thankfully, I found a way to break away from it. 

Hello, Clara International Skin and Body Centre.
Tucked inside Sunshine Boulevard Plaza along Quezon Avenue lies this Malaysia-born skin center that has been enhancing its clients beauty naturally for over a decade. 
Brought to Manila by Ms. Anne Sia in 2003, Clara has been a quiet player in the market that relied heavily on word of mouth marketing and referrals leading to a long list of loyal patrons. One of its strongest selling points is its stance to allow its clients to experience beauty in the most natural way, uses creams and employs procedures that are chemical-free. This makes Clara an ideal place for those who have very sensitive skin. It also takes pride in having treatments that are specifically designed for Asian skin and tropical weather. Thanks to SpectruMed, I got to discover this place which has another branch in Greenhills.

Aside from the usual corrective facial treatments and cleaning services, Clara International Face and Body Centre also specializes and known for its natural skin whitening treatments. 

I had the pleasure to try its Corrective Facial (PHP1,800 per session) to help address my dry skin and Ivory White laser treatment (PHP3,000 per session or PHP10,000 for 4 sessions) to give me that bright glow and to lessen the pigmentation on my face and another treatment which will help me break away from a dark secret. 
I first tried Corrective Facial which started with a nice gentle cleanse followed by extraction of blackheads and whiteheads using this suction tube or vacuum and skin scrubber. The stubborn blackheads and acne will undergo the usual extraction. 
I was impressed with how pain-free the extraction went. And I have to admit, it was my first time to try face scrubber which vibrates to loosen blackhead and whiteheads.
After the extractions, I was treated to another facial cleanse which was followed by a refreshing collagen pack to tighten up the skin. 

The corrective facial took about an hour and half for me but it could take longer if there are more whiteheads, blackheads or acne to extract. I noticed that my face looked more refreshed and had that nice pink glow right after the session. I'll definitely go back for that!
I had to move to another room after my corrective facial as we had to use a different machine for Ivory White, the Fotona laser machine.
Ivory White uses laser energy to battle skin pigmentation and wrinkles. One session lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes and I was surprised that it doesn't hurt at all. 
This was my second time to try facial laser treatment and my first one was quite painful that I had to stay still and quiet as I had to focus on thinking of happy thoughts. And with low pain tolerance, I could vouch that Clara's Ivory White won't hurt you at all. And at its price range, it won't hurt your wallet too.
But is it effective? I would say yes. Despite still having that glow from my corrective facial, I noticed that my face got even brighter after the treatment. But if your concern includes panda eyes, then I highly recommend Luminous 4D which uses Fotona's QX MAX system. 

This technology developed in Slovenia is considered to be the most advanced Q-switched laser available in the market. With its intense beam of light absorbed only by skin pigments, unwanted discolorations get destroyed without skin thinning. And the best part is that it actually induces collagen synthesis encouraging our skin to be more supple and youthful. It can also be used in tattoo removal. 
For this visit, I went with Luminous 4D (PHP3,500/area) which is a related laser treatment to Luminous White 4D (PHP6,000 per session or as low as PHP4,900 per session depending on the package).  
And to unburden myself of my dark secret, I went with Luminous 4D underarm

I had no idea that my underarms don't look photogenic at all. I know it's a bad habit but I still pluck causing my armpits to have ugly chicken skin appearance. And I guess that made it look darker. Thankfully, Luminous 4D do not just lighten my underarms but it also addresses my chicken skin problem. And just like Ivory White, the session was quick and pain-free. 
And I can't believe that the results were so visible after one session!

I was told though that it needs at least three sessions to see better and more long-lasting results. Maybe I shoud avail of its tempting promo of 5 sessions with free Pearl White Signature Whitening session for just PHP15,000. 
On my way out, Ms. Anne handed some sample cleansing cream and sunblock that I have yet to use. But after my experience with Clara, I'm sure that these are great too! I actually tried its sun block during my trip to Anvaya the following day after my laser treatment and I was sunburn-free! 

I'll surely be back! 

Clara is located at 2nd Floor, Sunshine Boulevard Plaza, Quezon Avenue cor. Scout Santiago, Quezon City. You may contact them at +632 374 61 54 or +632 374 09 74 for appointments. Clinic Hours : Monday – Thursday : 10 AM - 7 PM | Friday : 8 AM - 7 PM  | Saturdays: 8 AM - 5 PM. 

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