Monday, May 8, 2017

Go Wagyu Crazy at Edsa Shangri-La's Mad for Wagyu at Heat

I always consider indulging in wagyu a treat. Aside from its unbelievably tender texture, it’s the sort of meat you can’t enjoy on a daily basis because of its not so affordable price tag. This is why my heart pounds so fast whenever I hear (or read) the three sweet words “unlimited wagyu promo.” And it definitely skipped a beat or two when I found out that Edsa Shangri-La’s well-loved buffet HEAT is celebrating foodies’ love for wagyu with Mad for Wagyu.

Hello, Heat!
It’d be hard to miss the Mad for Wagyu sign when you enter Heat as the first thing you’ll see is this roulette that diners could spin for a minimum single receipt worth PHP5,000. But let’s save the spinning story for later and focus more on the scrumptious spread.
From afar, you’d think that it’s just the usual Heat offerings. 
But upon closer look, you’d see signs from different stations offering some wagyu dishes such as wagyu burgers, wagyu pasta and so on. Since there are just too many to mention, let me share my favorites.
Wagyu Laksa makes it top of my list with its delectable sweet and salty coconut broth and tender wagyu slices. 
I’m not really fond of laksa but Heat’s version sure made me into one. It was definitely love at first bite (or slurp).
The Marinated Wagyu Yakiniku also made an impression with its delightful sweet sauce. It was like munching on your usual Pinoy barbecue but a lot better.
The Wagyu Beef Rump was one of the highlights of our dinner. And how can it not be when the massive wagyu is the first thing you’d notice when you enter Heat on a Saturday night? True to how wagyu is known for, this piece of heaven was succulent and absolutely heavenly. I liked it with mushroom sauce than wine sauce. But purist would enjoy this more with salt and pepper.
Other wagyu dishes I was able to try were the Wagyu Burger and Wagyu Bun. These two are quite small though so best to get at least two of each.
And to maximize my Heat experience, I also indulged in my favorite Japanese treat--sashimi.
I also went seafood crazy with some mussels, shrimps and crabs. I read somewhere that you could ask the chefs to cook it in any way you want. If only I knew then, I would have asked them to bake it with cheese or with butter and garlic. But there’s always a next time. 
I also sampled some of the cold cuts which went great with cheese and honey.
Foodies were also raving about this salmon skin which, sadly, I was not able to sample due to limited tummy space.
I had my eyes on taho when I saw the famous tin can with two flaps and went with that as soon as I was done with savory dishes. 
And despite being full and ready to burst, I can’t help get a bowl of Ginataang Halo-Halo as well. Darn those bilo-bilo! Why are those glutinous balls so good?
If you’re a wagyu lover like me, then drop by Heat on a Saturday night for its Mad for Wagyu. Indulge in unlimited wagyu steak and a lot more for just PHP2,615 nett. Though drinks are not included, you can avail of its Sip and Repeat (PHP250) which comes with unlimited iced tea and soda-based mocktails. If you feel like having something with alcohol, go with Beer Blast (PHP875) which comes with unlimited Heineken Draft Beer or ReWINEd (PHP1,200) with unlimited red wine. Both alcoholic drink packages also covers the drinks under Sip and Repeat. Sounds like a great deal right?
So will I see you there next Saturday?

Special thanks to Richie of The Pickiest Eater and Cristina del Carmen of Edsa Shangri-La for hosting this fun dinner.

Mad for Wagyu by Heat happens every Saturday from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm. Heat is located at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel, Mandaluyong. 

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