Monday, February 6, 2017

Freezer Burn's Latest Flavor: Lemon Chicken Ice Cream

We fell in love with Freezer Burn since it launched one of the weirdest desserts, Ketchup ice cream and Fries. Such unique and never heard of flavor raised eyebrows and made some dessert lovers iffy to try it. But for some reason, it worked and made us foodies nostalgic about our fast food runs where we top our sundaes with fries. But Freezer Burn’s latest creation got me very intrigued as I never imagined lemon chicken as a sweet treat.

Hello again, Freezer Burn
Chef Miko’s teaser message about its latest creation, Lemon Chicken, got me so curious that I kept thinking about it during my El Nido escapade. Yes, I was thinking about lemon chicken while snorkelling! 
And after days of anticipation, I finally got to drop by Freezer Burn and sampled probably the weirdest dessert to date. 

A composed dessert made of zesty lemon ice cream paired with baked to perfection crispy chicken skin  marinated in lemon juice was a marriage of flavors no one would have anticipated in terms of dessert but it worked and delighted our tastebuds. 
The smooth and creamy tangy ice cream was made even more interesting by the salty (with a tinge of zest) and crunchy chicken skin, meringue bits and golden chocolate coin. I also could not resist munching on the fortune cookie on top. 
If I were to describe this dessert using one word, it would be… superb!

You guys outdid yourselves once again, Chef Miko and Chef Kristine! 

Thank you for the generous invite! 

Freezer Burn is located at B3, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

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